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A single girls guide to receiving masculine energy

I have been single forever, actually that is not exactly true. I have been officially single for about 6 years and sometimes that feels like forever. Of course there has been the odd intimate interaction with a real live man, and there has also been some short but deep love ‘affairs’ and some incredible dirty dances to boot yet in this last period of my life I have been uber celibate and solitary for big chunks of time. Yet this period of my life has also been so incredibly erotic and orgasmic and growth-full and intimate and fulfilling….

 How can that be you may ask?

Well I am going to try and answer that question and share some of the ways that I have learnt to use the raw materials of my single life to get deeply met by the masculine.



Krishna is the god of love and loved nothing more than playing with his gopis. Some men are really good at adoring women. And I do not mean sleazing on her; I mean adoring her and appreciating...

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Take me deeper or don't take me at all

Last night I symbolically threw my shame in the river, I threw in the subtle shame I realised I hold on some level about being single. As if maybe that makes me somehow inadequate or undesirable or just not good enough at manifesting!

I released this unhelpful thought form, because it is not based on truth.

If I really wanted a man, I could ‘get’ one, I could manipulate reality somehow and find a body to share my bed with, but the truth is that I do not just want any body. I want a man who can truly open me and open TO me. A man who can really see me, a man who is dedicated to growth and truth in the same way that I am.

I want a partner who takes me deeper than I can go myself.

I am determined not to purchase the idea that men are ‘behind’ the women in terms of growing up and showing up (although I could easily rustle up a hell of a lot of evidence to prove this) and my intention in writing about this subject is not to point out that men...

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Neediness.....and how to deal with it

I am lying there in bed, dying to be cuddled, adored, loved…. He is oh so distant all the way on the other side of the bed. It hurts, I feel more alone than if I was alone. Any efforts to bring him closer to me is likely to be rejected because he can sense that I am feeling NEEDY and he is reacting through retreating into his own space.


This had become a re occurring horror story showing up in my previous intimate relationships. Sometimes it had looked like this. Other times it has showed itself when I was single in the form of incredibly strong waves or insecurity and the sense of needing validation that I am attractive, wanted, worthy….

Can you relate to this??  

Probably like myself, you have had times when you have felt incredibly needy...or perhaps you have avoided or squashed down your neediness...

Lets have a look at what neediness is all about!

Neediness sucks; literally and figuratively…It feels like a bottomless pit of hopelessness....

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When he leaves ....

conscious relationship May 28, 2020 get together. He is into it. You are into it.

It is amazing!

He (or she/they) is saying beautiful things/blowing your mind with delicious touch and attention..

You feel loved and desired.

And you get really excited about it all! You are thinking about them all the time.
They are truly rocking your world.


Then all of a sudden, they stop texting you, stops being enthusiastic about you,

They gets a bit cold, energetically, and perhaps physically they ‘leave’.

Big sigh… I know... it totally sucks.

What to do?

I know what I used to do, I would:
  • Feel completely rejected
  • Feel utterly worthless
  • Think I was stupid for opening too much
  • Think I was ‘unspiritual’ for getting so attached


Well fuck that.....

Allow me to share with you my new understanding...

You are a human, and it is totally natural OPEN and to bubble with excitement when you feel loved. Actually, HOW GORGEOUS! What a resplendent...

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How to stop emasculating men and reclaim your feminine

I have been that uber self sufficient woman who had difficulty in trusting that the men in my life were capable of really showing up for me.

I also work with SO many of these ‘super strong’ women, helping them to graduate out of the distorted patterns that they have been playing out in their relationships.

One of the reasons I am pulled to do this is that I know first hand that feeling of shame you feel when you realize ……that you are actually, in some way, guilty of disempowering the men in your life

The thing is, is that it actually does not feel good to emasculate men, and step into the power role ALL the time.

And feeling unsupported REALLY sucks too…

AND.. it can be SO frustrating to know you are behaving in ways that are contributing to creating this situation.

If you can relate to any of this then read on.

What is often misunderstood, is that the reason women emasculate men usually ISNT because they really WANT to make men feel like...

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When he is just not THAT into you

If the guy you are into, is not THAT into you (or if this is a familiar pattern) and you want to USE this situation to become the woman who can love herself, no matter what AND create the kind of intimate relationships you REALLY want.

Then… this is for you.

( BTW this applies to your partner whatever the gender!)

I share this from my own experience. A guy I had begun to see was not returning my messages.

He was obviously not' leaning towards me' OUCH!!!! Old pattern!!!

Initially I felt despair, then I realized “ What an opportunity to transform!”

Here are some simple steps to make the experience of being ‘rejected’ into an opportunity for transformation.


There are usually two ways we respond to a guy not being into us.

We wait and hope - in other words we live in a fantasyland in which he is just about to ‘show up’.

This is the first illusion to take a good look...

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Crying whilst making love-Sexual Healing in relationship 101

Really good love making is not just about groaning with pleasure, it can also be about crying with abandon.

Most women are holding deep levels of shame, self hatred and unworthiness in their bodies

This is held as actual tension and corresponding energetic blockages.

Sex that is loving, and imbued with presence and devotion has the ability to release these blockages

The layers of holding can be accessed WHEN we REALLY open to the energy moving inside of us (with sound , movement , breath, willingness, unconditional acceptance, presence and LOVE)

For when we do then fresh life force energy comes flooding through, washing us clear of the past, knocking up against the debris that we have held in our energy bodies and bringing it to the fore.

Anything that wasn’t felt or expressed in the past, may come up to be felt, accepted, expressed as a cleansing - a clearing.

This healing transformation can happen in the midst of the fire of sexual desire when the the container...

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