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Neediness.....and how to deal with it

I am lying there in bed, dying to be cuddled, adored, loved…. He is oh so distant all the way on the other side of the bed. It hurts, I feel more alone than if I was alone. Any efforts to bring him closer to me is likely to be rejected because he can sense that I am feeling NEEDY and he is reacting through retreating into his own space.


This had become a re occurring horror story showing up in my previous intimate relationships. Sometimes it had looked like this. Other times it has showed itself when I was single in the form of incredibly strong waves or insecurity and the sense of needing validation that I am attractive, wanted, worthy….

Can you relate to this??  

Probably like myself, you have had times when you have felt incredibly needy...or perhaps you have avoided or squashed down your neediness...

Lets have a look at what neediness is all about!

Neediness sucks; literally and figuratively…It feels like a bottomless pit of hopelessness....

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