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Is it a break down or are you cracking open?…How to find the gifts in personal crisis

Transformation and crisis….there certainly is a fine line between the two.

If you are reading this , perhaps you are one of the women who has chosen either consciously or unconsciously, to ‘ go deeper’ and explore what is really going on inside of you, rather than ignoring it.

Perhaps ‘the path of transformation’ has taken you through some pretty rugged emotional terrains; intense fear, rage, depression, despair…perhaps you are in the middle of that now. And if you are...well I would love to whisper sweetly in your ear.

‘You might think that you are falling apart honey, but what is really going on is that you are cracking open’

And read on to hear more about why you are feeling what you are feeling, why you should keep on going and what is going to support the process…

When we 'sign up' to feel what we would rather ignore, to explore what triggers us, and embody the full whammy of what we are…It can feel like we...

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