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How to stop emasculating men and reclaim your feminine

I have been that uber self sufficient woman who had difficulty in trusting that the men in my life were capable of really showing up for me.

I also work with SO many of these ‘super strong’ women, helping them to graduate out of the distorted patterns that they have been playing out in their relationships.

One of the reasons I am pulled to do this is that I know first hand that feeling of shame you feel when you realize ……that you are actually, in some way, guilty of disempowering the men in your life

The thing is, is that it actually does not feel good to emasculate men, and step into the power role ALL the time.

And feeling unsupported REALLY sucks too…

AND.. it can be SO frustrating to know you are behaving in ways that are contributing to creating this situation.

If you can relate to any of this then read on.

What is often misunderstood, is that the reason women emasculate men usually ISNT because they really WANT to make men feel like...

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