What I received from working with Sonja Maria Devi

Kate Maree O'Brien- Founder of Gamechanger and She Speaks


I want you to know that the work i have done with Sonja has had a great impact on my life. I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through the exercises we have done. The work you do is very powerful and i am so grateful for your devotion to the Sacred Feminine. I can highly recommend this work to any woman who wants to feel more feminine and in tune with herself.

~ Raquel from London

With your guidance I was able to connect with myself and the sacred feminine in a way I have never before experienced. 

~ Mardie Grey – Australia

Thank you Sonja for your wonderful series of meditations... with them I can step out of my outside world and go swiftly within, remembering the bliss of loving myself and giving myself what I need... they are a great boon to a busy woman's life! I love the vibe you bring all the way from Bali to my home in England too! Blessings…


~ Lasare Maloney from the UK

Testimonial from Kate Bull

Intuitive Guide and Entrepreneur


Testimonial from Sarah Conner

Massage therapist


 There is a realness, rawness and readiness to really do the inner work in the space that Sonja provides and it’s backed up with such a strong foundation of support, one can not help but to lean in and ultimately surrender.

The way she is able to hold space for women during their transformation and to embody the real power of love, the one that holds you to your highest, is what makes her an amazing woman, mentor and guide.

~ Helen from Sweden

Sonja's meditations are Goddess sent. After the birth of my daughter my body changed dramatically and I felt very disconnected from my sensual self. I used her meditations daily while having a bath and found them to be the perfect remedy to 'come back to myself' and essential to helping me feel juicy as a new mum. The audio guides also taught me new ways to relate to my female body, I certainly feel more beautiful on the inside and more radiant in the world.

~ Vanya from London

I love Sonja Maria Devi's Shakti Flows series for women. I have found them to be great tools to build the energy in my body, get out of my head, and feel more alive in the day.

These practices are really a golden tool to nurture the inner Goddess. Sonja's voice and beautiful feminine nature are a great guide in the practices. This is a lady who lives what she teaches and I highly recommend the Shakti Flows Series and all her offerings to all women.

~ Pamela from Norway

"Shradha embodies such presence and wisdom, showing us all how we can live our lives . Truly inspirational and empowering."

Cheryl - Farnborough
Sound Healer

"Huge gratitude for a wonderful juicy life affirming weekend. Raw Shakti power burning through & transforming the wounds into molten gold. Feeling soft & tender & cracked wide open to let in the new nourishing energy. Much gratitude for this work. I feel like a New Woman!"

Shakti – Glastonbury

"Just wanted to say thanks for the workshop. Lots of food for thought, it was a very intense but rewarding day. I'm feeling more in my body since, hoping to continue to explore that because it feels good 🙂"


"I did not know what to expect from the reclaiming the love body workshop. When I left I felt like I was floating and surrounded by a buzzing energy. Happy and renewed. Shradha held us completely, creating a very comfortable, loving and creative environment, guiding us with energy and meditative work into our bodies, helping us to connect to the energies of the earth and our own needs, be rid of stale ideas and to set intention so that we can live fully in our bodies. Shradha led us through small but symbolic and nurturing rituals. She led us warmly in circle as we shared our inner stories of sensuality and sexuality which often go unspoken. We ended with a guided meditation and sharing which was just beautiful. A spiritual, practical and nurturing workshop."

Madeleine – UK
Mother and Charity Project Manager

"My energy had been feeling quite low and your practices really helped so much. Such special tender work you do and with a really light touch but so supportive and safe. On the day, I felt as if I was able to really be in my body and felt comfortable there. Like coming home to my body which felt wonderful. I got a sense of how much I liked my body which was quite a different feeling. I really appreciated the feeling of being connected to such a strong group of women and felt you held a safe, sacred space. Tender, connected and supported and also fun!"

Adele Robertson – UK

"Such an amazing profound session with Shradha."

~ Carmelle

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