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Loving without expectations-7 ways to cultivate love with no strings attached

Romantic love can be super tricky. What can begin as a deep appreciation of someone, can so easily become distorted with expectations, emotional drama, and confusion.

How can we remain in the purity of our intention to love without it getting all mixed up with our unresolved ‘stuff’?

It is a big ask… huge in fact! Perhaps we will never officially ‘arrive’ in a place where we can consistently love wholeheartedly and surrender expectations for it to be reciprocated in the way that we want…But we can at least try to make conscious the patterns that show up in intimate relating and remain honest and curious along the way.

From much inner research I have come to the conclusion that my deepest intention is to create relationships based on trust, openness and unconditional love rather than need, obligation and expectation.

For most of us, this is a work in progress. I have moments when I experience how it is to love wholeheartedly...

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Neediness.....and how to deal with it

I am lying there in bed, dying to be cuddled, adored, loved…. He is oh so distant all the way on the other side of the bed. It hurts, I feel more alone than if I was alone. Any efforts to bring him closer to me is likely to be rejected because he can sense that I am feeling NEEDY and he is reacting through retreating into his own space.


This had become a re occurring horror story showing up in my previous intimate relationships. Sometimes it had looked like this. Other times it has showed itself when I was single in the form of incredibly strong waves or insecurity and the sense of needing validation that I am attractive, wanted, worthy….

Can you relate to this??  

Probably like myself, you have had times when you have felt incredibly needy...or perhaps you have avoided or squashed down your neediness...

Lets have a look at what neediness is all about!

Neediness sucks; literally and figuratively…It feels like a bottomless pit of hopelessness....

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