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Are you addicted to romantic drama?

conscious relationsip May 29, 2020

I must admit, I was addicted.

It was a humbling moment when I realized that I had been spending the last 10 years addicted to attractions to emotionally unavailable men.

I thought I had wanted love

But essentially I had been addicted situations that affirmed the feeling that I was NOT loved! So instead of attracting affirming and loving relationships, I was attracting connections that took me straight into a big emotional romantic drama!

The dysfunctional intimacy pattern that I was playing out was the classic 'anxious- avoidant' drama. 

The anxious - avoidant drama

You know it well ; you meet, it’s amazing you have a great shared connection, then… one of you pulls away to avoid deeper intimacy (avoidant) and the other one freaks out (anxious) and leans out towards the other in his or her efforts to get the feeling of love back.

I guess I am directing this mostly to the anxious types out there, who know what it’s like to feel ‘the love being...

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