Wild Sacred Feminine

Feminine empowerment | Deep nourishment | Sacred sensuality


Welcome Sister!  

My name is Sonja Shradha Devi...

And  what I welcome you to is a totally amazing journey of deepening and blossoming and flourishing as a woman.

This world truly needs YOU to be your most empowered, embodied, satisfied and juicy self and I am here to be your guide to make this your everyday reality.

I help women to connect to their feminine wisdom, power, sensuality and sexuality through creating a deeply nourishing and fulfilling relationship with their own bodies.

  • The practices and support and guidance I provide will give you access to your own source of energy, beauty and pleasure.
  • I can help you increase your self confidence and sense of self love and self worth in ways that will transform your life.

Whether you are a student, a housewife or a career woman, whether you are a teenager or a grandmother… wherever you live and whatever you look like, a deeper experience of your femininity will enhance your health, your sexual vitality, your relationships, your creativity and work, and every other aspect of your unique life.

Cheryl, Sound Healer from Farnborough

Shradha embodies such presence and wisdom, showing us all how we can live our lives . Truly inspirational and empowering.”

People who have worked with me say that I’m "earthy, inspiring, compassionate, loving, powerful and nourishing."

I have worked with women from all over the world to overcome their insecurities and deepen their relationship with their femininity and I would love to be in service to you too.

There are many ways that you can explore this work, whether you want to work with me one on one, or come to a workshop or retreat, or make use of my meditation recordings or my Feminine Morning Practice series  so that you can practice in your own home.

By embracing the Wild Sacred Feminine you will discover…

How it is when you drop the shame or discomfort with your body and learn to be more comfortable, more playful and more confident.

How you can plug into your own source of vibrant vital energy.

What life is like when you learn to turn down the chatter in your mind and become more present and open to the lusciousness of life and the guidance of your feminine knowing.

AND you will learn to:

  • Show up more powerfully as your true self.
  • ​Release the old masculine paradigm of pushing too hard and start living an enriching, feminine centered life.
  • Embrace your divine right to RECEIVE: love, energy, pleasure, sexual fulfillment and feminine empowerment.
  • Cultivate a nourishing lifestyle and a deeply fulfilling relationship to your own body.

Do you want to interview me on the subjects of feminine sexuality, women empowerment and conscious relationship?


Kate O'Brian speaks about her transformational experience of working with Sonja Shradha Devi

Anna, Writer from Germany

Your workshop changed my life by introducing me to the wonders of my own body”