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Welcome to the home of the

Wild Sacred Feminine Foundation

The VISION of this newly founded organization is to bring support, healing and empowerment to women through Sacred Feminine Activism and Education.

We are actively creating a new culture of women who feel safe and empowered in their feminine bodies, and can educate and inspire the next generation to embody their sexuality in healthy healing ways

Over the next 3 years we plan to launch the following projects to support our vision….

1.Worldwide Sacred Activism events.​

Our events create awareness of the culture and conditioning contributing to sexual distortion and trauma. We join together to focus our feminine energy to heal and transform the negative messages so many women have received and been affected by regarding our bodies and sexuality.

As a sisterhood we create a new culture of nourished and empowered and connected women who feel safe and happy in their bodies and can educate and inspire the next generation.

2.Healing and empowerment retreats

These healing intensives are for women of low socio economic status who are healing from sexual trauma.

3. Trainings in Feminine leadership and priestess arts​

To empower women of low socio economic status with the skills, wisdom and support needed to become positive forces for healing in their communities.

We will also be raising funds for and collaborating with organizations providing healing and solutions to victims of the sex slave industry and womens empowerment worldwide. If you wish to collaborate in this respect get in touch here

Would you like to offer your skills to support our vision?

The following roles and services will be needed , if you have any of the following skills and feel called to work with us on fulfilling our vision please contact here

Legal skills, accounting skills, marketing skills, business development, admin and web skills.

We also invite men and women who are wiling to support in holding the energy of this project energetically as well as practically.

To help us with our vision or donate money please go here

For your personal Feminine Empowerment and healing journey you can explore the programs and retreats & workshops

In a world where sexual distortion and abuse have created a huge collective wound (that all women are affected by), to truly embody the sacredness and potency of our sexuality, and cultivate the healing energy of our wombs is a form of Sacred Feminine Activism.

Sign up below to learn more about our vision of healing sexuality and to stay tuned for updates and opportunities to participate and contribute.

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Cheryl, Sound Healer from Farnborough

Shradha embodies such presence and wisdom, showing us all how we can live our lives . Truly inspirational and empowering.”