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We are passionate about the role women's personal healing plays in the greater context of earth & world healing, and we invite you to join this movement of awakening women.


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Our manifesto


We support women to connect to feminine power & to channel energy for the healing of the planet.


These courses are without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in my entire life. As a result I feel safe, sensual, juicy and much more alive. And the best part is: this feeling keeps on growing as I continue to do the practices. It is my wish for every woman to feel like this!


Gentle and encouraging and filled with powerful and effective exercises, the wild sacred feminine programs will renew and recharge your relationship with your body! They helped me to heal and reconnect to my sexuality and the sacred blessing that it can be. 

Meet Sonja Maria

An Australian born natural priestess, healer and educator; Sonja Maria Devi is the founder of the Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School. 

A practical virgo as well as a wild unconventional nomadic mystic. Sonja began her work as a healer at the tender age of 20, After many years of intensive self healing and exploration of tantric embodiment, she has gone on to develop her own style of healing embodiment practices & wisdom teachings of the deep feminine.

Believing that to change the world begins in the way that women relate to their own bodies, and to nature. Sonja supports women with the skills to heal, awaken and step up as the earth centred healers, leaders and space holders needed at this time of great change.

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Vanya- UK

I have learnt new ways to relate to my female body,  I certainly feel more beautiful on the inside and more radiant in the world.

Adrienne- US

These practices supported me to let go of grief and loss surrounding children - miscarriages, past life losses, and separation from my son. I feel that my pain is acknowledged and I feel more loved and whole on the other side.

Mardie- Australia

I was empowered to let go of the idea that 'I'm not enough'. I have learnt the skills to heal & have let go of so much pain from my past. 


My work with Sonja has profoundly altered my understanding of what relationships can be...

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