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Wild Sacred Feminine

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Healing & Empowerment Pathways for modern women

Are you tired of playing out draining patterns in your life and in your relationships?

Do you want to stop judging yourself and OWN your incredible sovereign power as a woman?

Are you ready to LOVE your body and claim your power? The practices I share have transformed many womens lives and may just transform yours....

Welcome !!!

This is a place to receive guidance on HOW to return to your sacred power as a woman.

You are in the right place if you are ready to create shifts in the way you feel and the way you do life & relationships.

We are committed to providing  empowering tools, pathways & support for women on the path of healing & awakening, with integrity and love.

Where would you like to begin your journey?

Pick the doorway below that is a fit for you!

Sexual Healing

I want to heal sexual blocks & reclaim my sexuality

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Relationship Healing

I want to create nourishing and empowering intimate relationships 

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Sensual Empowerment

I want to empower and enliven my feminine body


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Yoni Egg Magic

I want to learn how how to use the yoni egg for healing & magic

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Sonja’s courses are without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in my entire life. As a result I feel safe, sensual, juicy and much more alive. And the best part is: this feeling keeps on growing as I continue to do the practices. It is my wish for every woman to feel like this!


Sonja is an experienced guide in helping women heal and reconnect to their sexuality and the sacred blessing that it can be. Gentle and encouraging and filled with powerful and effective exercises, her programs will renew and recharge your relationship with your body!

Affordable Resources For Women 

We are passionate about the role women's personal healing plays in the greater context of world healing.

We are committed to offering high quality self healing and empowerment resources for women at affordable prices, so all kinds of women can experience the healing benefit of this deep work.

Please note that payment plans can be adapted to fit your budget and regular scholarships places are offered.

Meet your Guide

Sonja Maria Devi has supported thousands of women to heal & awaken their embodied power with tools & practices for women's healing.

An Australian born natural priestess based in the jungle in Bali. Previously a nomad teaching internationally. Upon finding herself 'grounded' in one place for the first time in 20 years she founded the Wild Sacred Wisdom School to share the knowledge and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine in a new form.

Women report that with Sonjas 'authentic and intensely personal' guidance they feel safe to finally let go of deeply held shame, tension & trauma and connect to the deepest and truest parts of themselves.

A practical virgo as well as a wild unconventional mystic, she began her life as a healer at age 20 and specialises  in working with women on issues related to self love, self worth, sexuality and intimacy.

Over the past 10 years she has developed her own style of women's healing practices. Informed by the wisdom of yogic, tantric and shamanic traditions, these practices and processes provide the pathways BACK to women's innate power and wisdom..

If you have been feeling the call to connect to your sacred power as a woman with a safe and experienced ( and grounded!) guide, this is your opportunity to take action and receive the tools to heal and awaken now!

Mardie- Australia

As a result of this work I have let go of the idea that 'I'm not enough'. I have let go of the idea of ' I have to do this on my own and I don't have the skills to heal'. ' I have let go of so much pain from my past. I have let go of the idea that I am not a sexual person.


I have learnt new ways to relate to my female body,  I certainly feel more beautiful on the inside and more radiant in the world.

Adrienne- US

These practices supported me to let go of grief and loss surrounding children - miscarriages, past life losses, and separation from my son. I feel that my pain is acknowledged and I feel more loved and whole on the other side.

 Live Shame Free!

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