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Sessions- feminine upgrade

I have dedicated my life to learning the art of shifting emotional blocks and old programs and conditioning ( becoming free) and midwifing others to do the same.

In working with hundreds of woman I have found that there are 3 elements that go with any real transformation- that leads to lasting change for women.

1.    Clearing the basement

We all know what it is like to feel ‘triggered’ this is when something that happens, or something someone says, hits up against the unprocessed ‘stuff’ stored way down in our ' basement’.

Often to go ‘down there’ it really helps to have a guide to navigate the way and help us to feel safe as we ‘do the work’ and clear this ‘stuff’ from the past that we carry around with us ( that really prevent us from responding to life in a fresh way).

In my personal sessions, I hold a loving space and guide you down into your body to meet that hidden ‘stuff’ which might have been hidden from your view but has been impacting the way you live.

It is my unique superpower to be able to 'tune in' to your field and find out what is 'out' and guide you through whatever process is needed to bring healing/ clarity/ alignment.

With love and clarity, together we allow whatever needs attention to come up to the surface to be seen, accepted, integrated and dissolved.

Basically it is about getting real and doing the work- WITH LOVE, so we can be free of the crap that keeps us down and be open to meeting life fully and playfully, and create expansion shifts that feel sustainable and completely in alignment.

This is a super duper important peice so that we can get on with the next 2 ..

2.Activating your sensual intelligence

Tense, stuck and contracted, grumpy, jealous...

These are all direct consequences to ‘living in your head’ and disconnected from the wild and sensual aspect of your being.

To access your inner wealth involves learning to fill up your being with high vibrational orgasmic rocket fuel on a daily basis and loving yourself as a discipline.

( yes you absolutely will learn this in the Feminine Upgrade program)

3.Claiming your gifts and realizing your true purpose

Not what you ‘think would be’ good, but what you know is right for you.  

Uncovering that inner voice, and having a whole set up cheerleaders to support you as you do , is a unique and vital part of this training.

In the Feminine Upgrade program we will cover all these elements in a comprehensive program ( with lots of wiggle room) including both the inner work, AND the outer work.

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