Glimpses of the wild ride


❤My deep dive into sexual healing began spontaneously during a 40 day silent meditation retreat that I created for myself in a small hut in the foothills in the himalayas.

From the first week I spent in seclusion doing around 8 hours meditation a day, the material coming up from my subconscious to be healed was all sexual in nature.

I was shown how traumatised I had been by my experience of growing up in Australia with no positive education around sexuality and intimacy.

I was also shown exactly what to do to heal this.

Over the 40 days I had a number of strong visions and healings that created a complete reset of my relationship to sexuality.

A few years later I trained in the Toa Tantric Arts and found the perfect practices to compliment the psychological and energetic work for sexual healing that had come to my intuitively during those 40 days in silent retreat.

❤ Not long after that 40 day retreat I found myself walking along some of the highest peaks of the Himalayas in a procession of 300 monks and nuns chanting Om Mani Padme Hum.

❤ I have lead groups of up to 200 women at a time in sexual healing rituals. The first time I found myself in the centre of a circle of women bouncing their pelvis’ on the ground and screaming out the long held grief and anger that they had previously held deep inside, and channeling that energy through my body and into the earth, I knew that I had found my deepest calling.

❤ As a body worker and healer my clients ranged from Millionaires’ to housewives and everything in between. I used to cycle about North London on my bicycle with my massage mat on my back and stop to have a dip in the pond between massages.

❤I have been self employed since age 20, I have travelled to over 40 countries as a nomadic yogini solo entrepreneur,teacher and therapist and I have never worked a day in the office ( I have created  life where I  live on my own terms all along the way).

❤ The way I developed my strong voice was through the necessity of screaming over the sound of pigs squealing in the Thai Hill Tribe Village as I was instructing massage demonstrations and teaching about spirituality. Since the pig thing my voice became confident and strong.


❤I have had numerous mystical sexual experiences (some of which I can only describe as undescribe-able) that have opened doors into the realm of mystical feminine sexuality. One of my lifes deepest wishes is for MORE women to experience this absolutely incredible and sacred phenomenon.

❤ At the age of 28, after some serious beseeching to the divine I was given a vision of divine union, and was guided to cross the world to ‘find him’. Instead of ‘finding him’ I then spent about 10 years studying and healing my own dysfunctional relationship patterns to prepare myself to BE that woman who can love that big. I did eventually find Big Love with a Beloved. It is my great passion to share both the steps that were necessary to prepare myself for that AND how to navigate what comes up in conscious relationship. I am fascinated by the dynamics of relating and it is hard to shut me up about it.

❤One of my most prized attributes is my ability to explore myself ruthlessly, choose love and compassion and admit when I am wrong.

❤ I have always been fascinated by the powerful and mystical feminine! When I was at school, when given a chance to choose what I wanted to study, it was either witches or goddesses, I remember explaining to my sister at age 12 that I was a feminist , and that it didn’t mean that I don’t like men, but that I just think that women are AMAZING ( I am still constantly amazed by the magnificence of women in their power).

❤I am a qualified Toa Tantra Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Advanced Thai Yoga Massage therapist and Instructor and Holistic Coach but I am mostly informed by 20 years of dedicated spiritual practice and from the incredible mentors that have come into my life in unexpected ways in unconventional forms.