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6 month online training

with Sonja Maria Devi


Learn to use your feminine energy as medicine

A journey into Self love, Embodiment, Energy healing, Sexual alchemy & Earth magic  



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Are you feeling the call to connect to your feminine intuition & power on a new level?

Are you ready to commit to the most authentic version of YOU, and a life that is 100% in alignment with that?


This is an initiation into a deeper way of living and loving


Over 6 months you will embark on a journey of self exploration, healing and deepening into connection and purpose.

You will unearth your feminine superpowers and refine your ability to work with your energy as medicine for yourself, and the world.


This program is for:

Women in transition; women at a crossroads.

Women who need the space to concentrate on themselves & do 'the inner work'.

Women who feel the call to be in a role of support for others in a way that does not deplete them.

Women who want to heal a difficult relationship with their bodies and guide the way for other women to do the same.

Women who want to learn to trust themselves more deeply.

Women who want to heal their sexuality and reclaim an empowering and juicy relationship to their sensual body.

Women who want to release blocks to expression and learn skilful and feminine ways to relate intimately & communicate needs & boundaries.

Women who already work in the field of healing and embodiment who want to gain confidence in bringing a more feminine & intuitive element into what they do.

Women who want to bring the intimacy, beauty & juice back into their lives.

Women who would like to be supported to step into the great unknown & open to new possibilities.

  ๐ŸŒนBring sacred feminine energy into your life and your work

This training is perfect for yoga teachers and therapists who would like to bring a more intuitive and energetic approach to their work. 

โค๏ธ Learn to channel sacred feminine energy for healing and alchemy.

โค๏ธ Learn to facilitate transformational spaces for personal and collective healing.  As part of the program you will learn multiple practices and skills for ritual creation and space holding.

This program is the online component of Wild sacred feminine facilitator training.

It is a personal empowerment journey that will provide the foundation needed in order to step onto your path as a healer, guide and space holder for other women.

 ๐ŸŒนAwaken your sensual body and reclaim vitality 

For entrepreneurs, therapists & creatives who want to connect to their feminine energy & create juicy balance in their lives.

Over the 6 months you will dive into a daily practice of earth based sensual embodiment practices including Shakti flow yoga, Sensual chi gung, Taoist sexual vitality practices, meditation and womb healing.

โค๏ธ Get into a super nourishing daily practice for life (gain the skills to re-source yourself, move through emotional wobbles & create daily balance and beauty).

โค๏ธ Commit to self love and self care as a lifestyle (less self sabotage, more listening and ability to feel the love).

โค๏ธ Reset your nervous system; less pushing and more flowing and knowing (and more energy to direct into what you are here to do).

 ๐ŸŒนAttune your body to work with feminine energy for healing and sacred sexual connection

For women who yearn to experience sexuality that is mystical, transformative and healing.

โค๏ธ Learn a variety of sexual self healing and sexual vitality practices & embark on your personal sexual healing journey.

โค๏ธ Learn HOW to create a deep tantric connection for solo and shared lovemaking.

โค๏ธ Up-level your relationship skills, release co-dependant tendencies and learn to connect to others from your feminine power.



Working with Sonja has been without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in my entire life. I feel safe, sensual, juicy and much more alive. What an incredible gift it is, to feel like a goddess and what a blessing it is to radiate this out into the world. And the best part is: this feeling keeps on growing as I continue to do the practices. It is my wish for every woman to feel like this!


The Netherlands

I have discovered a profound self love I have never experienced before and I am able to listen to my own inner voice with a new clarity and awareness.



I am more confident and feel like I have stepped up, that I am closer to my true self than ever before. It is such a powerful and comforting place to live from.   

 ๐ŸŒนWe got you!

Be held in a supportive pod of women so you can go where you cannot go alone; this is the key to real and lasting transformation!

The WhatsApp community and monthly group calls will provide solid community support, deep holding and inspiration for the 6 month journey.  Previous participants report that this is an invaluable benefit of the program.

Imagine a space where you can be totally yourself and share what you are feeling and needing. This is the core of the program. It will provide the support that will sustain you as you step, ever deeper, into your power.

Module 1


Begin to nourish your sensual energy with a shakti flow daily routine. Learn essential feminine energy principals and begin to reset your nervous system with grounding meditations.

Workshop 1

WSF initiation: introduction to the wild sacred lineage, archetypes and healing practices.

Module 2


Embark on the next step of your sexual healing journey with the Yoni Wake Up Call Sexual empowerment program. 

Workshop 2

Sexual Healing, trauma & emotional release.

Module 3


Discover how to use the yoni egg for deep nourishment, healing, release and renewal. Learn essential integration skills and focus on optimising your lifestyle to support sustained radiance and expansion.

Workshop 3

Self love activism & body image healing, feminine rejuvenation and the art of feeling

Module 4

Divine Union

Up-level your relationship skills and prepare your body to experience divine union with the 'Next Level Love' conscious relationship program.

Workshop 4

Intimacy, vulnerability, sovereign relationships & conscious communication.

Module 5

Purpose & Expression

Connect to your highest calling and unashamed authentic expression. Be supported to release blocks, step into your purpose and be seen.

Workshop 5

The art of holding space for sacred feminine empowerment.

There are 3 options you can choose from depending on your intentions & budget. If you have any questions about this please book in a free call to discuss.

Earth Goddess

For women who want to connect to their feminine energy for personal healing & awakening.

๐ŸŒน5 modules of training over 6 months.

๐ŸŒน5 x 2 hour online group workshops and new year ritual.

๐ŸŒน1x 45 min 'Earth Activator' healing & mentoring session with Sonja to get clear on your personal needs for the journey (20% discount on further private sessions).

๐ŸŒนAccess to WA group for community support.


(or 6 monthly payments of $314)

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Fire priestess

High support for women who want to step up as space holders.

๐ŸŒน6 months of high support mentoring.

๐ŸŒน5 modules of training over 6 months.

๐ŸŒนAccess to the entire WSF wisdom school library for life.

๐ŸŒน5 x 2 hour online group workshops and new year ritual.

๐ŸŒน5 x healing & mentoring sessions with Sonja (50% discount on further private sessions).

๐ŸŒนAccess to WA group for community support.


(or 6 monthly payments of $479)

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Fire plus

The whole she-bang! Fire Priestess plus a 1 week personal retreat in Bali. Learn more about the private retreats here


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Please note that all fees can be paid in instalments according to your needs. Our intention is to provide quality support and training that is within your reach. Please do not hesitate to book in a call if you are interested. 

We offer:

One assisted scholarship for the earth goddess program for women with special circumstances (book a call to apply). 

One work exchange place (book a call to apply). 

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Meet your guide

Passionate about the power of ritual for both personal and collective healing: Sonja Maria Devi has been facilitating potent transformational retreats, intimacy workshops & healing rituals internationally for over 10 years and is the founder of The Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School.

Sonja began her work as a healer at the tender age of 20. Through many years of training, intensive self healing and exploration of tantric embodiment she has gone on to create her own style of healing embodiment practices.

A full power woman on a mission

Sonja believes that world healing begins with the work of transforming the way women feel in their bodies. She supports women with the skills to heal, awaken and step up as the healers, leaders and space holders needed at this great time of change.

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Be held as you


your Feminine Superpowers




I feel like a completely different person. I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through these exercises. This work is very powerful and I am so grateful for your devotion to the Sacred Feminine. With all my heart, thank you.



Sonja Maria brings her gifts of embodiment, intuition, wisdom and loving presence to create a sacred holding space, facilitating deep shifts. I feel so grateful be able to learn from her, and I wish every women could have the opportunity to work with her.