Yoni Egg Initiation Meditation Recording



Kick start your Yoni Egg Practice in a beautiful way

Jade Egg Goddess Technology

The jade egg was used by mystical courtesans in the royal palace of China thousands of years ago when the power and preciousness of sexual energy was recognized and cultivated. The jade egg is as relevant to us today as it was then.

💗 The benefits of having a jade egg practice are both physical and spiritual.

💗 It tones up our pelvic floor muscles creating strong yoni shakti (vulva power!) 

for better posture and more vitality in daily life, and a responsive, articulate yoni!

💗 The vibration of the jade gives a crystal healing from the inside and the
internal massage from the practices increase sensitivity inside the vaginal canal.

💗 The Yoni egg has the power to open up pleasure spots in areas inside your
vaginal canal that may have become de-sensitized.

💗 It is an amazing healing tool; so many of us store unprocessed pain and trauma
in this area of our bodies, this limits our ability to experience pleasure and
be truly present and open to life in its fullness.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A YONI EGG WITH THIS MEDITATION ( but you will receive details on a great way to get one )

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