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Awaken your sensual body with a daily morning infusion of beautiful sounds and images

As you are guided through unique, powerful and energizing practices for radical feminine vitality.  


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Coco Lee USA

.."I've NEVER experienced such a deep joyous heart, body, mind soul essence connection experience as I do when I do ‘The Shakti flows’. The synergy of movement, sound, intent and vocalizing is dearmoring a lifetime of shame”...

Meet your Guide

A mystical woman on a big mission. Sonja Shradha Devi has spent the last 20 years living between east and west as a sensually inspired Tantra & Yoga Teacher, Healer, Facilitator and Priestess.

Her grounded and compassionate guidance and potent practices will bring you effortlessly into a deeper relationship with your wild sacred body.

From her home base in the jungle in Bali, Shradha holds Rebirth Retreats for women and creates online resources for Deep Empowerment and Feminine Awakening. She also travels internationally offering powerful group healing rituals, intimacy & empowerment workshops and facilitator trainings.

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