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"The course is magical, wonderful and highly effective. It has already proved extremely beneficial for my partner and I on many levels"


Linda met her partner the day she completed the program. This is her story!

Are you a woman who is ready to create next-level LOVE in her life?


Whether you desire to attract a conscious partner or you wish to up-level the relationship you are in..

(or you are just READY to transform your relationship patterns and do things in a whole new way)

This relationship transformation process is designed to set you up for the deeply fulfilling conscious committed relationship you yearn for.


Over 4 weeks you will be lovingly guided on a journey  of real transformation with tantric embodiment practices,  transformational processes and rituals designed to prepare you on every level for next level love.


Make a commitment to love! 


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"Sonja deeply understands how to shift energy in the body with simple yet profound practices. Each week I could feel new awareness of my body opening up along with gaining new understanding of the foundation of creating beautiful relationships in my life. A true gift! "

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" This program has profoundly altered my understanding of what relationships can be. I got so much out of everything, but particularly around negotiating conflict, desire, needs, fears, sacred sexuality."



Moving from Co-dependant to Sovereign Relationships

❤️Learn to to identify and address co-dependant behaviours and toxic relationship patterns.

❤️Learn the core skills needed for creating the kinds of empowering relationships that meet you on a whole new level & support you to thrive.

❤️Experience an energetic empowerment to solidify and support your step into the sovereign relationship paradigm.

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Relating is a learned skill!

Have you noticed reoccurring patterns showing up in your relationships?

Most of us are not shown how to create healthy relationships so we stumble along playing out all sorts of patterns and unconsciously creating messy relationship dynamics. 

THE GOOD NEWS IS....that if YOU get clear and conscious and skilful then EVERYTHING changes!

With the right skills and understandings (and energetic shifts) your relationships become spaces for growth and empowerment that support you to heal, thrive and blossom. 

Whoever will join you on this journey WILL meet you there, because when YOU show up in this way, your relationships change and shift to reflect that. 

This program is designed to create these profound shifts within you.


Open and release blockages from your body

Your mind might be saying YES but your body is telling a different story.

In this program you will;

 ❤️Release blocks and ancestral baggage that is stored in your body.

These imprints from the past, and unprocessed emotions stored in the body, are what have us playing out disempowering patterns without understanding why and how..

 ❤️Get wired up for love

Uplevel your energetics (through tantric energy practices and meditations) so you begin to vibrate clarity, radiance and self love.

 ❤️Raise the vibration in bed

Learn how to release limiting beliefs around sexuality and tap into your  Sacred sexual potential as a confident and sensually activated woman.

Get your little girl out of the drivers seat 

When it comes to relationships you want to be absolutely sure that it is your wise sovereign woman steering the mother ship, and not your lost needy little girl who will beg for scraps of love in an effort to feed her hunger.

This program helps you to meet that little girl and give her what she needs, and learn how to get her needs met by your partner in an empowered way.

This inner work is KEY because it allows your wise sovereign woman to step in and play a lead role in your relationships.


Meet your Guide


An Australian born natural priestess, healer and educator currently based in the jungle in Bali, Sonja Maria Devi is the founder of the Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School. She also mentors both men and women on the art of conscious relationship.

A practical virgo as well as a wild unconventional mystic. Sonja began her work as a healer at the tender age of 20, Through many years of intensive self healing and exploration of tantric embodiment, she has gone on to create her own style of healing embodiment practices. 

Sonja specialises in holding spaces for deep healing and transformation. In the most loving way she will inspire and empower you to own your vulnerability, reclaim your sovereignty and live your truth.

When the world is not in lockdown she travels internationally holding group healing rituals, intimacy & empowerment workshops and transformational women's retreats.

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Tinne Belgium

"Sonja’s courses are without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in my entire life.

 She opens up a safe bubble for you to completely relax, sink into yourself, to let go of what no longer serves you and to surrender to the flow of love. And she supports you with such love, compassion and devotion throughout the process.

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