Sacred Sexual & Deep Nourishment Meditations


 Allow yourself to be held, loved and expertly guided to create a beautiful relationship with your  sexuality and nourish your feminine energy

( in your car, in the bath, on the bus, in bed... these downloads will be a Go-To for an energy & love blast WHENEVER you need it  )


The Sacred Sexual Healing Meditations

Meditation 1: The Yoni Healing Meditation

Your yoni (aka your vulva/vagina/sexual organ) is the gateway

to feeling and living your feminine radiance.

Yet so many of us store unprocessed pain and trauma in this area

of our bodies. This limits our ability to experience pleasure and be truly

present and open to life in its fullness.

This meditation journey will guide you to let go and release old imprints out

of your yoni and will show you how you can introduce loving frequencies

that attract loving and fulfilling sexual experiences.  

Meditation 2 : The Yoni Activation Journey

This is the dynamic meditation I use to increase awareness and

sensitivity in my sexual organs and boost my over all energy.

It is both gentle and activating and involves sound, movement

and visualization to facilitate a deeper sensitivity and connection to

the aliveness in "the sexual place". This one was recorded in the

midst of the first rains of the season here in Bali, watch out for the

sound of the geckos and birds cheering you on! 

Meditation 3: Sexual Pathways Yoga Nidra Journey

A tour through your own sexual anatomy and the energetic

pathways of your body. This Yoga Nidra Journey allows you to experience

and activate the sexual pathways of the body; the central channel and the

micro cosmic orbit, as you have a rejuvenating rest in the process!

Meditation 4: Breast Activation Massage Meditation

Regular breast massage,with loving intent, is a fast track

to feminine health and happiness!!!

This guided journey takes you through a simple routine

combining Tao Tantric breast massage, energy clearing

techniques and Sacred feminine meditation and ritual..

 Breast massage has many important womens health benefits

as well as contributing to a deeper sense of self love

AND firm and happy breasts! This meditation sets you up to

create a daily breast massage routine for yourself ( yum!) 

Meditation 5: Yoni Blessing Meditation

Connect with your sacred sensual feminine essence with this 

sacred yoni blessing meditation.Through bringing loving awareness to your

yoni you invite fresh life force energy to gently awaken and activate your

feminine power. I recommend doing this one in the morning and inviting 

‘yoni power’ to help charge you through out your day!

The Deep Nourishment Guided Meditation Journeys

Meditation 6: Grounding Womb Anchor Meditation

This meditation can be used as a daily practice.

It guides you through a simple but profound process that will help you feel

more of a connection to your body, to the earth, and your feminine wisdom.

Meditation 7: Embodied Presence Meditation

The valuable skill of ‘holding space’ is an extremely important tool

to facilitate a more meaningful relationship to your body and your life.

This meditation guides you to hold a loving space for yourself and bring

more awareness into your body. Through bringing loving awareness into

the body, especially to where you feel closed off and tense,

you are able to release blockages and allow issues to be

addressed, understood and healed.

Meditation 8: Heart Healing Meditation

Give your heart the opportunity to heal from wounds from the past.

This meditation guides your to heal and replenish your heart energy with

meditative Taoist and yogic tools for healing and transformation.

Meditation 9: Energy Replenishment Yoga Nidra Journey


This journey is deeply relaxing and a perfect rebalance for your nervous

system. You can listen to this recording either before bed or at any time

of the day you need to replenish your reserves. In the state

of yogic sleep you will experience Toaist Rejuvenation secrets for vitality

and longevity and go on a vision quest to meet yourself as a

radiant Queen of Nourishment.



Meditation 10: Womb Oracle Meditation

Perfect for when you feel confused, ungrounded or insecure…

this meditation ‘quicky’ will ground and relax you as you connect to

your womb wisdom and inner guidance.

What people are saying:

"Sonja's meditations are Goddess sent. After the birth of my daughter my body changed dramatically and I felt very disconnected from my sensual self. I used her meditations daily while having a bath and found them to be the perfect remedy to 'come back to myself' and essential to helping me feel juicy as a new mum. The audio guides also taught me new ways to relate to my female body, I certainly feel more beautiful on the inside and more radiant in the world. "

- from London

"Thank you Sonja for this wonderful series of meditations... with them I can step out of my outside world and go swiftly within, remembering the bliss of loving myself and giving myself what I need... they are a great boon to a busy woman's life! I love the vibe you bring all the way from Bali to my home in England too! Blessingsā€¦ "

Lasare Maloney
- from UK

"I want you to know that the work i have done with Shradha has had a great impact on my life. I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through the exercises we have done. The work you do is very powerful and i am so grateful for your devotion to the Sacred Feminine. I can highly recommend this work to any woman who wants to feel more feminine and in tune with herself. With all my heart, thank you "

-from London

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A wild woman at heart who dances ecstatically at every opportunity, Shradha shares her magic online from her sweet little house in the jungle in Bali and travels the world offering powerful group rituals and retreats, intimacy workshops and private sessions.

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