Shift your


A 14 day transformation journey

Got some 'stuff' to shift?

Shame can show up in our lives in all sorts of sneaky ways & affect our life & relationships in soo many ways....

It could be showing up right now as self- criticism or physical tension. It could be showing up as money fear or insecurity.  It could be showing up as a fear of being seen & an inability to stay connected to your power & radiance.

Are you ready to let go of that stuff and choose self love?

This is an invitation to clear out the stuck-ness and self judgement & invite fresh energy into your body and your life.




I will guide you in a 14 day process of inner & outer transformation for only $44




This is how it will roll….

Each day for 14 days you will receive an email with inspiring content, guided meditations & practices to shift your energy and activate self love. 



What you'll get:

  • 2 weeks of daily guidance, encouragement and potent processes.
  • Lifetime access to¬†the¬†Shakti Flows¬†and all additional¬†meditations and resources in the emails.
  • A serious¬†love blast and empowerment that will create real shifts in your body and life.


   The journey will begin as soon as you sign up!

Warning: You may not be the same woman as a result of these practices..( but you will definitely be happier & healthier).


The Shakti Flows are a series of awesome feminine practice routines for radical vitality. Valued at $108, you receive access to the flows as part of the program.

Get it for FREE with this offer!!

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And it really is a full time job! These practices activate self love and self value so you do not spend your energy on shitty patterns (addiction, negative thinking, toxic relationships etc) that bring you, and keep you, down.


(to transform your health & happiness) 

Honestly, it is so good for your feminine health and vitality levels, you should be doing it often ! Receive a 20 min guided practice as part of the journey.

FORGIVE & RELEASE to bring in new things.

Be guided in a process of release and forgiveness so you can move forward with a fresh slate.

NOURISH your creative energy

You will be guided to replenish your reserves with awesome feminine rejuvenation practices-so you can wake up everyday from a yummy resourced space!

MANIFEST your life from a place of FULLNESS

You create your life from the the frequency of energy in your body. This process will put you in the best space to manifest your deepest intentions.


When you sign up you will receive an email immediately to guide you on the first first step of your journey- enjoy the ride!

Warning: You may not be the same woman on the other side!



  • Get the 14 day Shift your shame journey (Usual price is $88)

  • Get the Shakti Flows Morning Practice (valued at $108)

    The journey officially begins the day after you sign up



Purpose empowerment special

  • Get the 14 day Shift your shame journey

  • Get the Shakti Flows Morning Practice (valued at $108)

  • Get the ‚ÄėBring it‚Äô 1 month purpose empowerment journey (valued at $99). Find out more about this program¬†here)

    This is for the women who feel the call to step up and activate their voice and vision.




The full she bang with personal support!

  • Get the 14 day Shift your shame journey

  • Get the Shakti Flows Morning Practice (valued at $108)

  • With The ‚ÄėBring it‚Äô 1 month purpose empowerment journey.¬†Find out more about that amazing program¬†here

  • Receive a personal mentoring session with Sonja Maria (valued at $222) We will focus on any issues, blockages, intentions that you need support with.



I am a ninja energy healer & a guide for deep and real feminine empowerment.

My loving approach, the insights I have to share & my kick ass earth based embodiment practices will nourish & activate you.

Join me on a journey of shifting the stories, popping the shame bubbles and activating sexual vitality, self value & purpose (so you can BE the amazing woman you were BORN to be).

"I must say of all the many things I have tried in my life to feel good and aligned I have found your practices one of the most powerful and feel grateful that I found your work. Thank you for putting it out there and making it available "

Clare- uk

"The most JUICY and FUN way to start your day, really! These flows have literally changed my life. They connect me deep into my femininity and anchor me into my body in such an empowering and loving way. They bring me a sense of confidence, freedom and sensuality. They make me feel like a radiant goddess."

Pamela- Norway



I share some key insights for understanding shame in this 3 min vid