Start your day feeling like a vibrant sensual woman!!

( and set yourself up for a day of ease and flow )


What are the Shakti Flows?

Set in beautiful Bali with awesome background music to inspire and nourish, The Shakti Flows are a series of 5 Video morning routines that include potent practices for feminine vitality.

Relax and reinvigorate as you receive expert guidance on how to cultivate beautiful feelings in your body that continue to nourish you all day long.

"I love the Shakti Flows series ! They are sensual, effective, fun, meditative, and really guide me back to feeling juicy when I've been feeling low. These practices are really a golden tool to nurture the inner Goddess. "


Who are The Shakti Flows Ideally For?

The Shakti Flows are invaluable resources for women seeking to create a more feminine morning routine and invite more sensuality, vitality and ease into her daily life.

Well loved by hundreds of women all over the world, they inspire you to get off your ass in the morning and give yourself the nourishment you need as a woman.


How Can The Shakti Flows assist your Well Being?

The Shakti Flows will assist you with the following issues:

  • Low energy
  • adrenal fatigue
  • Stress, worry or tension
  • Low Libido
  • Lack of confidence
  • Feeling disconnected to your feminine side

What Do You Get?

5 Morning Routines

You get a set of 5 x 20 minute videos each demonstrating a unique set of shakti practice to fit your mood which will set you up for the day feeling connected to your sensual body and natural energy.


Feminine Guidance

In addition to the flows you get a special introduction video and initiation into the world of feminine practices and Tao Tantra from an expert in the field.

The guidance you receive just may revolutionise your morning, your body and your life.

A life long resource that is Easy to Use

You can download the videos to your phone/computer for easy access anytime, any place.

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Why You’ll Love The Shakti Flows:

💗 Appropriate for ALL women of all ages!

💗 Great for woman with any level of experience of yoga (they’; show you a more FEMININE WAY to approach your practice.)

💗 Designed to EMPOWER you to have a daily practice that you LOVE

💗Packed full of practices that awaken your 'Shakti' your feminine life force and your POWER.


Unlock your feminine power today with the Shakti Flows for $108

"For me, the Shakti Flow practices have been really nourishing and helpful in finding deep embodiment, especially if done every day. Right after I do any of them, my body feels pleasantly stretched and relaxed and exercised, my skin glistens more and I feel radiant and rooted in my feminine essence. Such a beautiful and empowering way to start a day and then go out into the world :-). The Warrioress Manifestation Flow is absolutely great for that. Also, the videos are a delight to watch - beautifully filmed and luscious, with the perfect music. A real treat for the body/mind/yoni/soul! "



Sonja Maria Devi is an Intimacy and Empowerment Guide, facilitator and healer She is a qualified yoga teacher, Tao Tantra Facilitator, Holistic Coach and Somatic therapist who is deeply passionate about supporting women to break out of disempowering patterns and embrace their role as powerful, sovereign (and sexy!) co-creators of a new world

She will hold a safe and loving space for you to experience potently nourishing feminine practices for full body healing & awakening


Honestly if you don't like them. We are happy to offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase.

Made with only the highest intentions

These videos are created with love and prayer as on offering to the rising of the feminine here on earth. 


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