Dive into the mystery & power of the deep feminine.

Weekend immersions with Sonja Maria Devi


July 13 & 14

Self love & deep embodiment

September 21 & 22

Womb healing & feminine transformation

October 19 & 20

Conscious Relationship & sacred sexuality




Do you feel the call to connect to your feminine wisdom and power on a deeper level?

Are you ready to cultivate an empowering and loving relationship with your body and plug into your feminine resources?

 This is a call to dive deep into the healing and regenerative waters of yin, the deep feminine.  

In these powerful weekend feminine energy transmissions we will connect to the healing power of water with feminine energy practices &  pray with the waters at the white spring.

You will be supported in your journey of healing & reclamation & learn powerful energetic tools that you can use in your life, work and relationships. 

Immerse yourself in wild  feminine embodiment 

 And anchor into your sovereignty, self worth & intuitive knowing.

The Wild Sacred Feminine practices are earthy, intuitive, juicy and naturally shamanic embodiment tools for transformation & healing. These practices are nourished by the wisdom of ancient earth based traditions and cultivate a personal relationship to spirit, with your body and nature as teacher.


The workshops will include empowerment through:

❤️Tao sexual vitality practices

❤️Feminine healing meditations

❤️Self care and self love skills.

❤️Feminine rejuvenation practices

❤️Energy healing

❤️Safe trauma release

❤️Shakti flow yoga 

❤️Body image healing

❤️Ancestral healing

❤️Initiation and ritual


❤️Voice activation

❤️Earth magic

❤️Feminine shamanic wisdom


Dear sister

You are invited to Avalon to journey into deeper connection with your feminine energy, truth & power


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Each workshop offers a potent energetic empowerment and each module builds on the one before.  Sign up for all 3 at a discounted price,

These are nonresidential workshops (10am- 5pm on saturday & sunday with a journey to the tor on saturday evening)  please let us know if you require accomodation.

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Module 1 Essence

July 13 & 14 @ the Avalon Room

 As you connect to your essence you begin to radiate feminine power, naturally. You trust yourself & rest into a sense of your inherent self value, you 'drop into your intuitive flow & awaken your inherent creative power.

In module 1 you are taken through an exploration of  the feminine power centres; the keys to embodied self connection.

This module offers the foundation of self connection & self knowledge needed to tap into your shakti power (module 2).

Module 2 Shakti

September 21 &22 @ the Avalon Room

Your shakti is your life force; your womb is a direct portal to the great mystery. Your awakened energy is rocket fuel for the healing of the planet.

In module 2 you will be guided to tap into your shakti flow, and your inherent vitality & sensual power.

Deepen your understanding of the dynamics of transformation, energy and emotional release; learn how to navigate shadow & trauma with integrity and love.

When you are self connected and activated then that is a great place to relate from. The journey into sacred relationship is the focus of module 3.

Module 3 Alchemy

October 19 & 20 @ the Goddess hall

Sacred relationship is relationship with a shared higher intention. In module  2 you will prepare for the magic of alchemy & sacred (conscious) relationship.

Learn the art of 'dropping into' union, deep connection and surrender.

Activate sacred sexual pathways, deepen into presence & authentic sensual expression.

Up-level your communication skills & heal outmoded relationship patterns.

This weekend will be an opportunity to review & revamp the way you are doing relationship and invite more vitality & intimacy into your world


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This is for:

Women in transition, women at crossroads seeking more meaning in their lives.

Women who need the space to concentrate on themselves & do 'the inner work'.

Women who want to learn to trust themselves more deeply.

Women who want to heal their sexuality and reclaim an empowering and juicy relationship to their sensual body.

Women who want to release blocks to expression and learn skilful and feminine ways to relate intimately & communicate needs & boundaries.

Women who feel the call to be in a role of support for others in a way that does not deplete them.

Women who want to heal a difficult relationship to their bodies (and perhaps guide the way for other women to do the same).

Women who already work in the field of healing and embodiment (yoga teachers, psychotherapists, counsellors) who want to gain confidence in bringing a more feminine & intuitive element into what they do.

Women who want to bring the intimacy, beauty & juice back into her life.

Women who would like to be supported to step into the great unknown & open to new possibilities.

Meet your Guide   

 Sonja Maria Devi

Sonja began her work as a healer at the tender age of 20. Through many years of intensive self healing and exploration of tantric embodiment she has gone on to create her own style of healing embodiment practices.

Passionate about the power of energy work & ritual for both personal and collective healing: Sonja has been facilitating potent transformational retreats, intimacy workshops & healing rituals internationally for over 10 years and is the founder of The Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School.

A woman on a mission 

Sonja believes that world healing begins with the work of transforming the way women feel in their bodies. She supports women with the skills to heal, awaken and step up as the healers, leaders and space holders needed at this time of great change.



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"Words cannot express how this work has helped me to accept who I am."


Ann- Bristol

"I feel like a completely different person, I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through these exercises. This work is very powerful."

Raquel -London