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11th-20th Nov 2024

10 Day Transformational Journey In Greece






Do You Feel The Call?

Do you have a sense that you have a personal role to play in the healing process happening at this time? 

Do you feel the call to connect to your intuitive feminine wisdom and power on a deeper level?

Are you ready to cultivate an empowering and loving relationship with your body and inspire other women to do the same?

This 10 day immersion is a unique evolutionary experience designed to connect you to your power & your soul mission.

You will be supported in your personal journey of healing & reclamation & learn powerful energetic tools that you can use in your life, work and relationships. 

Immerse Yourself In Wild Feminine Embodiment 

The Wild Sacred Feminine practices are earthy, intuitive, juicy and naturally shamanic embodiment tools for transformation & healing. We offer practices that are nourished by the wisdom of ancient earth based traditions and cultivate a personal relationship to spirit, with your body and nature as teacher.


Awaken Your Healing Potential

The practices you learn will deepen your sensitivity to subtle energy and empower you to work with sacred feminine energy for both personal & collective healing.

-Access your somatic wisdom for self healing, trauma release and nervous system repair

-Deepen your ability to sense & work with energy intuitively

-Learn the art of holding space safely & confidently


Master Holding Space For Other Women 

You will be empowered to lead….

-Sister circles to support women in your community

-Sacred feminine meditations

-Individual healing sessions and womb healing

More Than Just A Training!

This is a transformational journey.

An opportunity to explore yourself on a profound level; as well as a celebration of coming HOME to your body and sense of sovereignty.


'....My experience with the Wild Sacred Feminine Facilitator training can only be described as transformative. This training is different than any other trainings I’ve attended before. Not only does Sonja share in-depth knowledge that allows you to step into a facilitator role with ease, but she also invites you to dive deep into yourself for powerful healing, self reflection and internal growth.."


Be Held 

 When a woman is held in a space of love and non-judgement she naturally blossoms

It is through this support that she. can access the courage to shine her light without shame & bring her gifts forward.

This is the magic of feminine empowerment and what we are committed to offering, with integrity and love.


Be Nourished

By The Beauty Of Greece As You Journey Into Your Power

Sunshine House Greece

Enjoy a homey & deeply relaxing Mediterranean experience with delicious vegetarian food at the beautiful Sunshine house on the mainland of Greece.

This Training Is For:

Women in transition & women at crossroads seeking more meaning in their lives.

Women who need the space to concentrate on themselves & do 'the inner work'.

Women who feel the call to be in a role of support for others in a way that does not deplete them.

Women who want to heal a difficult relationship to their bodies and guide the way for other women to do the same.

Women who want to learn to trust themselves more deeply.

Women who want to heal their sexuality and reclaim an empowering and juicy relationship to their sensual body.

Women who want to release blocks to expression, learn skillful & feminine ways to relate intimately while communicating needs & boundaries.

Women who already work in the field of healing and embodiment (yoga teachers, psychotherapists, counsellors) who want to gain confidence in bringing a more feminine & intuitive element into what they do.

Women who want to bring the intimacy, beauty & juice back into her life.

Women who would like to be supported to step into the great unknown & open to new possibilities.



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Meet Your Guide   

Sonja Maria Devi

Passionate about the power of ritual for both personal and collective healing: Sonja has been facilitating potent transformational retreats, intimacy workshops & healing rituals internationally for over 10 years and is the founder of The Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School.

Sonja began her work as a healer at the tender age of 20. Through many years of intensive self healing and exploration of tantric embodiment she has gone on to create her own style of healing embodiment practices.

A Full Power Woman On A Big Mission

Sonja believes that world healing begins with the work of transforming the way women feel in their bodies. She supports women with the skills to heal, awaken and step up as the healers, leaders and space holders needed at this great time of change.

"Words cannot express how this work has helped me to accept who I am."


Ann- Bristol

"I feel like a completely different person, I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through these exercises. This work is very powerful."

Raquel -London