Womb Week

🌹A 7 day program of womb practices for women’s Health, Vitality and Fulfilment 🌹



Your Womb is waiting for you...

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In the womb week program you will;

🌹Learn somatic connection practices that help 'build' a connection to your womb which will continue to feed you throughout your life.

🌹Activate your feminine energy and 'tune in' to your intuitive wisdom.

🌹Heal blockages to self love, deep connection and vitality.

You will receive

🌹A daily womb wake up video practice for sexual health and vitality

🌹A relaxing evening womb connection practice for deeper rest & rejuvenation

🌹A week of daily womb transmissions to bring feminine principles into all areas of your life.


Begin anytime and take your own time with the resources

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Based in Bali, Sonja has been facilitating Intimacy & Empowerment workshops & retreats for over 10 years.

A seasoned Tantra and Yoga Teacher, Women’s Healer and Wild Sacred Feminine Priestess, Shradha is known for creating powerful opportunities for women to let go, heal & blossom.

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"Working with Sonja has truly changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I feel empowered from deep within, firmly rooted into my femininity and with a sense of freedom in how I relate to my body, sensuality and sexuality"


Frequently Asked Questions

When you register you will receive access to all the program materials, and you can download the resources onto your phone etc.

You will then receive a series of emails guiding you through the resources..kind of like a home retreat program. 

You will have daily practices and you might just get addicted to loving and listening to your womb and keep on with the practices beyond the 7 days...


You are never too old or young to create a relationship to your womb.

Even if you have had a operation to have your womb removed, you can create a relationship to your 'energetic womb' which will be just as valuable,

The resources were created to be easily assimilated into your daily routine.

The morning practice is about 10 mins long and the evening practice is about 12 mins long ..( you have time for that!).

The daily womb transmissions will be about 10/15 mins in total to read, listen and reflect.

We welcome any further questions that you have. Please go ahead and ask them below


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