Womb Quest 2021

2-4 January 2021

De-Clutter Your Womb & and free up energy to meet 2021 in your full power and purpose


$33 for the 3 day New Year Online Feminine Transformation Journey

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It is getting to that time where we step over the threshold from 2020 (which was indeed a whopper) and move into 2021

Are you ready ??

Your body, and particularly your womb can get blocked up with unprocessed emotional 'stuff' resulting in blocked and stagnant energy. Because 2020 was SO intense for many of us it makes sense to do some energetic spring cleaning before moving on. so you can do so feeling connected and READY for the new chapter.

In this 3 day feminine transformation Womb Quest you will be guided on a process to;

 💝Really understand and integrate the immense lessons of this year to get that feeling of being complete and ready to move on.

 💝Clear the crap that you do not wish to bring into 2021…on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.

 💝Learn powerful earth-based tantric energetic practices, that you can use all year long, to stay connected and aligned 

 💝Free up your energy and get super clear on your intentions so you can move into 2021 feeling aligned with your power and purpose.


What you receive;

🌹A supportive, inspiring and empowering 3 day process guided via daily emails.

🌹An awesome 15 min earth based tantric Feminine Practice video for releasing stuck/old energy and replenishing your feminine power centres  (that you can use all year long)

🌹Womb clearing Guided Meditation (that you can use all year long)

🌹A 90 min Live Group 'Womb Quest' Empowerment workshop via zoom  on the 4th jan. Please note the timing for this is 11am CET time..( yes you will get the recording if you cannot make the live workshop)


Daily Flow;

You will receive the processes and materials in a daily email..this means that you can the exercises whenever it suits you ( or get back to it later if you miss out on anything). Below you can see the general flow.

Day 1…de-clutter your body/home/life and 'graduate' from 2020  

Day 2.. de-clutter your womb and get clear on your needs moving forward

Day 3…empower the new energy coming through you…

This process will empower you with all you need to step forward in the most aligned way, on your highest path.


This journey is offered at the  super affordable price of $33 because I really want you to have this opportunity to be supported to step into the next year feeling aligned and amazing and READY to birth the new paradigm.


Registration is open now and your resources will roll out to you from the 2nd Jan.  

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Meet your guide

Sonja Shradha Devi is a leader in the field of feminine empowerment who is known for her grounded wisdom and authenticity, and the powerful practices  and pathways she shares to support women on the path of healing and embodied awakening.

An Australian born natural priestess with 20 years experience in the healing and mystical feminine arts, from her jungle home in Bali Shradha leads potent online programs and healing sessions. 

When the world is not in lockdown she travels internationally offering group healing rituals, intimacy & empowerment workshops and womens retreats.