Wild Power


 Womens Healing & Empowerment

Weekend Immersion


With Sonja Maria Devi


@ the Goddess Hall Glastonbury


August 13th & 14th 2022

Unearth and unlock your connection to wild, clear and true power.

DAY 1 we will focus on surrendering, healing ,softening and LETTING GO. It is the work of clearing the hurt from the past in order to have the space for new, fresh energy and life to bubble up.

DAY 2 we move into how we can embody healthy power and meet life (and other human beings) from this space. We will lovingly explore how to shift out of old patterns and allow wild power and wisdom to move through us freely and beautifully.

This is a pod for women, so that we can tend to the specific kind of healing so many women are needing. The goddess hall (nestled in central Glastonbury) is a perfect space for this! If you have any questions please get in touch. It can be tender territory when we are considering this kind of transformation we absolutely welcome any questions and concerns you may have.

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of shame, fear, guilt, grief and deep seated tension from your body and gently open to more energy and aliveness


to connect to your inner truth, cultivate self love, release the past, activate the new, rejuvenate and align to the highest frequency of love.


in order to invite more clarity and juiciness into how you are feeling, living and loving.


Learn potent practices to release tension from your heart and pelvis to create deeper connection to both yourself and others.


Refine your ability to both know and express what is really going on for you in order to create empowered requests to get your deepest needs met.


We will explore how to unleash our instinctual primal animal wisdom & create maximum life force flow through these exquisite feminine bodies of ours.

Our intention is to create a nourishing and safe space to facilitate deep shifts. There will be no pressure to do anything that doesn't feel right for you.

This is a non- residential retreat (10am- 6pm on both days with an optional ritual at the Tor on saturday night). If you are coming from out of town please organise accommodation in advance. If you need advice on where to stay and eat etc you are welcome to reach out.

The cost for the workshop is 333 pounds
and 250 pounds concession (or if you also attend the wild love workshop in september)

To book the concession price or to book in for both workshops please message us here

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The way you feel in your body is important, it impacts every aspect of your life. When you feel free and your heart is open and you feel connected to your inner power- you are magic!

These events are both a celebration of the deep feminine and a place to receive what you need to reawaken your inner spark & go out there and shine your light.

This is an invitation;

To a potent weekend of transformation, self cultivation & deep support. 

So that you may be resourced on the deepest level 

with wild




We do this for all the women who cannot. 

Together we are holding space for a world who needs sacred feminine energy and wisdom.


Raquel London

 I want you to know that your workshops have had a great impact on my life. I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through the exercises we have done. 


Coco USA

I've never experienced such a deep joyous heart, body, mind soul essence connection experience as I do when I do these feminine practices. The synergy of movement, sound, intent and vocalizing is dearmoring a lifetime of shame


Meet your Guide

Sonja Maria Devi

An Australian born natural priestess, healer and educator based in the jungle in Bali, Sonja Maria Devi is the founder of the Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School. She also mentors both men and women on the art of conscious relationship.

A practical virgo as well as a wild unconventional mystic. Sonja began her work as a healer at the tender age of 20, Through many years of intensive self healing and exploration of tantric embodiment, she has gone on to create her own style of healing embodiment practices & programs. She has been teaching women's retreats, intimacy workshops & holding healing rituals internationally for 10 years.

Sonja specialises in holding spaces for deep healing, transformation and radical embodied empowerment. In the most loving way she will inspire and empower you to own your power, reclaim your sovereignty and live your truth.


Who are the workshops for? 

Our workshops and retreats are for any woman of any age ( we have attendees ranging from 17-70 years old!) and any level of experience. We welcome, and indeed LOVE, complete beginners, mums, grandmas, teenage girls and also women who feel like complete strangers to their femininity as well as seasoned goddesses who seek to fill up in a held space…. Basically, if you feel like you need this then this is for you!

Although this work is non prescriptive. We can report that any women who experiences any of the following will likely find the techniques we offer valuable.

Low energy, low confidence, numb sexual organs and/or inability to orgasm, unfulfilling sexual experiences and/or sexual trauma, PMS, menopausal symptoms, body image issues, a feeling of not feeling juicy, excited or inspired by life, lack of confidence, inability to access inner guidance or create healthy boundaries, difficulty in maintaining or attracting fulfilling relationships, difficulty in creating a happy healthy lifestyle.

Join us in sacred Avalon

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