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Get Lifetime Access to 2 of my most popular 28 day Programs for a MEGA special price...

What you Get

🌹Essentially you get a comprehensive journey form self love to sexual empowerment. 'Reclaim your Radiance' E course focuses on reprogramming your relationship to your body, and 'Yoni Wake Up Call' focused on Sexual Empowerment.

🌹You receive 2 months of training jam packed with instruction videos, downloadable guided meditations and powerful practices and processes.

(These 2 trainings are perfectly complementary because it is hard to create an awesome relationship to your sexuality if you have not paved the ground work of self love and connection first.)

🌹In this deal you get both courses for life, that means...you get an abundance of powerful resources that you can follow as a transformative guided course, and then continue using the videos and mediations that you love the most

This is perfect for women who are ready to say yes to a fundamental shift in the way that they feel NOW


Course 1-Reclaim Your Radiance

Find out more about this training here

Reclaim your Radiance & LOVE your body up to its Juicy potential in 28 days

A guided 28 day journey to re-format your relationship to your body, eliminate old programs and live and relate from a place of deep self love find out more about this course here

Course 2-Yoni Wake Up Call

My signature program, scroll down to find out more..

The 28 Day Sexual Empowerment Program

Normally these would cost $398 + $498=$896 Today its just $333

If you would like to receive LIFETIME ACCESS to 2 comprehensive programs you can dive into in your own time + a treasure trove of practices and support for your journey as a juicy awakening woman ( for a fraction of the normal price) then here is your chance to say

The Yoni Wake Up Call

 Transform Vaginal Numbness and Connect to your
Creative Sexual Energy to Power your 


28 Day Empowerment Journey for Women

"This program is so potent, I could feel results within days! It has made my life so much juicier (yes, also literally ) and vital. My libido -which has been absent for almost a year- was re-established in no time. Shradha is amazing at holding space for you throughout the process, so you feel safe to explore places within yourself that might feel painful. Her love, compassion and integrity is very tangible. The practices facilitated me in shedding off old conditioning around sexuality & releasing trauma, and re-program my body for something new. The program brought me a deepening of safety in my body, opened me up for more sensuality and flow. Actually, it has opened me up to receive more of life. Bringing awareness in my yoni like this was incredibly empowering - and softening at the same time. I feel like I am finally resting in my throne now. "


You will be guided on a process to

πŸ’— Release energetic blockages and stagnation in your sexual organs.

πŸ’— ‘Un –numb’ and awaken to the nourishing realm of yummy sensations.


πŸ’— Remember your sexual innocence and joy in your own body.


πŸ’— Hold space for your self to move though sexual blocks to expressing and enjoying your sexuality in a gentle, loving way.


πŸ’— Create a love vibration in your body that attracts next level, deeply honoring and fulfilling sexual experiences.


πŸ’— Tap into your ecstatic potential as a fully embodied radiant woman.

Week 1

Preparation for Activation

Get the groundwork info about how to create a deeply nourishing relationship to your sexuality and begin the practices that will awaken your body to more feeling

Week 2

Turning Up the dial on aliveness

In this weeks practices you will be given keys to MOVE and awaken your energy and explore your sexual capacity more deeply.

Week 3

Your Sexual Energy as Fuel for life

By now your are really rocking...your old issues are melting away, you are feeling fresh new feelings and excitement about the potential of your being, this weeks special task is a guided Yoni Massage.

Week 4

Marinating in your Sacred Sexual Essence & staying juicy for life

This last weeks practice guide your to both marinate in the feelings of openness and aliveness you have cultivated, and to use this energy to manifest beautiful things in your life and in the world.

Extra Yoni Booster Pack

Receive an initiation into the yoni egg and other resources to support your Yoni awakening journey.

Why would you offer your Yoni a wake up call?

πŸ’— Stagnant energy in your sexual organs leads to disease, low energy,

low inspiration and a feeling of being disconnected.

πŸ’— The more sensitive, receptive, responsive and articulate your vagina is,

the less you hang out in your head and the more connected you feel to your

body wisdom and natural source of energy.

πŸ’— When you consciously connect to your sexual energy, you tap into your

creative life force and you begin to feel more ALIVE and INSPIRED and OPEN

to an endless flow of inspiration.

πŸ’— When you are connected to your OWN source of pleasure and  fulfillment, the less you look for love outside of yourself and

you no longer create relationship patterns and sexual dynamics from

a ‘needy’ dis-empowered place.

Who is this for?

This is for ANY woman who wishes to go on a deeper journey with her sexuality but ESPECIALLY for women who experience the following;

πŸ’— Tension, pain or numbness in their sexual organs.

πŸ’— Inability to access pleasure

πŸ’— A divide between your sexuality and spirituality and your vagina and your heart

πŸ’— Fear of expressing your sexuality

πŸ’— Shame about being sexual

πŸ’— Only able to receive sexual pleasure from others.

πŸ’— A habit of attracting toxic people and sexual experiences.

"β€œI’m receiving such pleasure, vitality, and rejuvenation from regularly practicing Sonja’s Shakti offerings. The practices are so enjoyable and short enough to fit into my day. Thank you Sonja!”"


"Thank you for the yoni wake up call!! I feel more aliveness, juiciness and things open up more and more which I couldn't imagine before . It really helped me a lot. Loved doing the exercises and your voice. Felt very good supported. Love your raw, very natural feminine human being! Thank you! "

- from Austria

"I embarked on the yoni wake up call journey and I must say it was really necessary for me to feel alive in my body. Your work is very much appreciated and thank you for holding space for all of us. I am really enjoying my body and I am rediscovering how liberating it is to feel sexy and sensual and connected to my body. Thank you! "

- from Canada

"I loved the YWC program, I now have stronger conscience of wow sensations in my breasts and my yoni! Also I have relaxed a lot and I am being more gentle with myself. "

- from New Mexico

Are you feeling it?

I hope so!! If you are the time is now to say...

How will I benefit?


The majority of women's sexual health issues are related to energy and blood stagnation. The practices in this program create blood flow and subsequently, good health.


The capacity to FEEL the subtle sensations of blissful feelings in your sexual and energetic life allows you to experience life in its fullness – rather than being shut down and cut off. This unleashes your natural energy and enthusiasm, zest and passion.


The practices cultivate the capacity to be available and receptive to connect to your infinite capacity to feel pleasure.


A happy yoni ignites your feminine radiance, and your feminine radiance makes you shine from the inside out,

Connection to your Feminine Nature

Feel the love and fulfillment from connection to your own body, rather than looking out of your self for love, pleasure and fulfillment.

Expect to Explore

πŸ’— Friendly and fun tantric practices to bring blood circulation and warmth and free flow of energy to awaken sensitivity.


πŸ’— Learn to circulate life force energy and transform emotions with your sexual energy.


πŸ’— Processes that make you feel lighter, more confident, more fluid , playful and dynamic and connected to your inner knowing.


πŸ’— How it is to be attracted to high vibe sexual experiences rather than playing out dysfunctional patterns that re affirm a feeling of being unloved.

What you will receive as part of the Yoni Wake Up Call program

πŸ’— A program of Daily Practices;

YES! A set of yummy guided tantric embodiment practices
of 15-20 minutes to do in the morning and
15-20 minutes Meditation Practice for the evening.

(These change each week to take you on a developmental
journey of learning to explore, activate and
circulate your sexual energy.)


πŸ’— Special tasks and teachings and reflections to
guide you on a deeper exploration of your sexuality.

πŸ’— Cutting edge info and insights into a whole
new spectrum of feminine sexuality.

πŸ’— Access to a Group Sexual Healing and Activation recording.

πŸ’— Special 'Yoni Egg Activation' Bonus Section.

Last chance to say YES

BTW if you purchase and change your mind within 14 days. I will remind your money..

Your Instructor

Sonja Shradha Devi is an Intimacy & Empowerment Mentor, Facilitator and Healer, guiding women to show up in their bodies, their sexuality and their relationships in a powerful and feminine way.

With big love and fierce clarity, she supports women around the globe to unhook from emotional blocks, toxic relationship patterns and old conditioning so they can finally access their true source of power, pleasure and fulfillment. As someone who has been through all of it and come out the other side to share it--she shares the tools and insights which open the door to a whole new world of sensual embodiment, empowered sexuality and conscious relationships.

A wild woman at heart who dances ecstatically at every opportunity, Shradha shares her magic online from her sweet little house in the jungle in Bali and travels the world offering powerful group rituals and retreats, intimacy workshops and private sessions.

She's spent the past 20 years traveling the world sharing her gifts and diving deep into the mysteries of the feminine. You can tune into her world through her Blog, Videos, Webinars & Online Programs.

Connect with her on




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