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Welcome to The Shakti Flows Morning Practices


Would you like to learn skills and practices that ignite your natural Feminine vitality?

Did you know this?


You only come in to this world with a certain amount of essential

energy, unless you begin to recycle this energy, and draw in fresh energy,

then your energy reserves will begin to deplete and your vitality

as a woman will wane over time. 


Feminine Vitality practices offer you a way to 


Nourish and Energize yourself and Harness the Power of your Sexuality to stay Vibrant and Juicy..

The Shakti Flows assist with the following issues:

πŸ’— Low Self Confidence and Motivation

πŸ’— Low Energy/Adrenal Fatigue


πŸ’—Low Libido


πŸ’— Excess Thought and Worry


πŸ’— Lack of connection to your Feminine Energy and Power

"Thank you Sonja for this wonderful series of meditations... with them I can step out of my outside world and go swiftly within, remembering the bliss of loving myself and giving myself what I need... they are a great boon to a busy woman's life! I love the vibe you bring all the way from Bali to my home in England too! Blessings… "

Lasare Maloney
- from UK

The Shakti Flows are:

πŸ’— Appropriate for ALL women!


πŸ’— Great for woman with any level of experience of yoga, they show you a more 

FEMININE WAY to approach your practice.


πŸ’— Designed to EMPOWER you to have a daily practice that you LOVE


πŸ’—Packed full of practices that awaken your 'Shakti' your feminine life 

force and your POWER.


Each Shakti Flows
awakens a different
aspect of Feminine



The Shakti Flows include:

πŸ’— Goddess Rejuvenation Flow- Slow and rejuvenating


πŸ’— The Warrioress Manifestation Flow - Dynamic + Enlivening


πŸ’— Deep Emotional Release Flow - To let go of emotional baggage


πŸ’— Yoni Sensual Flow - Activate your Sensual Essence


πŸ’— Express Juice Up Session - Quick, Juicy and effective!

What people are saying:

"I love Sonja Shradha Devi's Shakti Flows series for women. I have found them to be great tools to build the energy in my body, get out of my head, and feel more alive in the day. They are really enjoyable movement meditation practices fusing taoist chi gong, yoga moves, meditation, dance, that help me ground myself and cultivate my energy for the day. The series has 5 different practices and I love them all :) Four of the sessions are 20 minutes and one of them is a 10 minutes juice-up session, so you can choose one to suit your energy and needs for the day. They are sensual, effective, fun, meditative, and really guide me back to feeling juicy when I've been feeling low. From connecting to the Earth, helping to clear stuck energies, building creative inspiration and focus, honouring the sensuality of the feminine body temple, and even directing energy to different organs (I love that bit), these practices are really a golden tool to nurture the inner Goddess. Sonja's voice and beautiful feminine nature are a great guide in the practices. This is a lady who lives what she teaches and I highly recommend the Shakti Flows Series and all her offerings to all women. "

- from Norway

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Sonja Shradha Devi is an Intimacy & Empowerment Guide, Facilitator and Healer, guiding women to show up in their bodies, their sexuality and their relationships in a powerful and feminine way.

With big love and fierce clarity, she supports women around the globe to unhook from emotional blocks, toxic relationship patterns and old conditioning so they can finally access their true source of power, pleasure and fulfillment. As someone who has been through all of it and come out the other side to share it--she shares the tools and insights which open the door to a whole new world of sensual embodiment, empowered sexuality and conscious relationships.

A wild woman at heart who dances ecstatically at every opportunity, Shradha shares her magic online from her sweet little house in the jungle in Bali and travels the world offering powerful group rituals and retreats, intimacy workshops and private sessions.

She's spent the past 20 years traveling the world sharing her gifts and diving deep into the mysteries of the feminine. You can tune into her world through her Blog, Videos, Webinars & Online Programs.


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