● A sense of disconnection from your power, pleasure or purpose.

So that includes a feeling of disconnect from the wisdom in your body, a sense of being 'shut down' and  'in your head' judging yourself constantly and NOT feeling the love and fulfilment in your own body.

● Self sabotage patterns that block your ability to create fulfilling relationships and work and self love.

You know those old patterns that play out again and again,  keeping your stuck in the same old story of 'I am not good enough' these are the kind of patterns we want to address and get to the root of ( lovingly).

● Over eating, emotional eating, going to the fridge ( or whatever is your favorite form of distraction).

There comes a time when you are ready to choose to be happy, this involves making different choices , and getting the kind of loving support and inner resources to make it happen. This is a safe space to move beyond your distractions and into real self love and connection with your body.

● Creating messy relationship dramas (or NO fulfilling intimate relationships at all!! )

Whatever love patterns and relationship issues you have going, you can share your experience here and find more conscious and empowering ways to navigate relationships.

● Persisting in less- than- fulfilling work situations out of fear of stepping out into the unknown.

If you are NOT living your highest purpose, this is a space to have a good look at WHY, and be supported as you create the life that IS an expression of your highest purpose (and bust out of those scarcity fears too).

This is where you want to be if;

❤️ You feel something calling from way down within YOU asking for your attention that you no longer wish to squash down

❤️ You know its time to stop compromising and create a life that meets your deepest needs as a woman to feel nourished and abundant and at home in yourself.

❤️ You are ready to finally  break through draining patterns and really show up for yourself.

❤️ You know that you need support for your expansion and you are ready to say ‘ok! Lets do this’

🌸 Your yoni is activated, you are connected to the energy and wisdom in your womb,
you walk down the street naturally swinging your hips and feeling succulent
( you are SO not apologizing for yourself).

🌸 You are skillfully creating healthy  boundaries and creating relationships that
support and inspire you and your purpose.

🌸 No more playing the victim- you are moving to your own rhythm, making empowered
decisions and attracting empowering situations.

🌸 You are no longer pushing, you are gently expanding beyond what you imagined
was possible from a space of trust.

🌸 You are confidently exploring your true voice and feeling empowered in your purpose.

🌸 You are able to confidently and gracefully own your worth and unique gifts

🌸 You know how to skillfully identify and voice your needs.

🌸 Self care and self love are not ideas or ‘shoulds’, but a joyful part of your every day reality.

🌸 You are modeling a beautiful example of the empowered feminine to the women in your life, and
together you are creating an atmosphere of mutual support and inspiration.

Testimonial from Kate Maree O'Brien 

The Founder of Gamechanger



3 Moon cycles of Training & Deepening

Each month you will receive step by step trainings that focus on creating shifts in your body, your relationships and your work.

Month 1

Body image and Radiance

Creating firm foundations of self connection and love and clearing out the old programs


Month 2

Empowered and awakened sexuality

Activating life force and creating empowering sexuality and relationships

Month 3

Sensual Empowerment & Expression

Claiming your gifts ,showing up powerfully and authentically,finding and living your highest purpose


🌺 Feminine well being

How to move out of energy draining patterns , for good, and become established
in patterns and practices that work for you.


🌺 Finding your voice

Showing up as YOU without shame and without the masks, living and expressing
your truth, walking your own sensual walk in life,


🌺 Designing your feminine centred life on your terms.

Unhooking from old conditioning and finding your internal navigation system to create life
and work with meaning, without compromising your needs.


🌺 Creating next level relationships

Skills for showing up both compassionately and powerfully in your relationships


🌺 Empowered Sexuality and incredible intimacy

Receive all the tools you need to claim a nourishing and fulfilling connection to your body and sexuality.


🌺 Feminine business for sensual entrepreneurs..

( ie; getting shit done without sacrificing your juicy feminine flow) receive the guidance
and support to be effective AND maintain connection to your sensual body.

Testimonial from Vanya Silverten

Intuitive Healer


A space to be seen, loved, held and guided with practical skills and a treasure trove of inspiration and support to take you to the next level

Personal Mentoring with Shradha

Receive personalised healing and guidance with me- find out more about the way i work- CLICK HERE

Ongoing Tribe Support

Receive the benefits of being a part of  a group of like minded women all dedicated to authenticity and growth. The private FB group will be a source of ongoing support and connection and accountability.

Group calls + Seminars with guest speakers

Every month there will be a seminar with guest speakers who are incredible teachers and  movers and shakers in the new feminine movement PLUS a monthly group healing and activation with Shradha.

Access All Areas to all my Resources

You will receive access all areas to all my feminine resources  – during the program.  That includes all my meditations, my practice videos, my programs, all of it. - CLICK HERE

An Enclosed space for maximum support

Our core intention is to create a space in which you can feel safe to express and explore yourself. The program will be like an online womb space to nourish and support your transformation..

Discounts on workshops and Retreats

 You will also receive discounts on ALL live workshops and retreats in 2018. Check out whats on offer HERE



Sarah Conner

Massage therapist

Kate Bull

Intuitive Guide and Entrepreneur

How much time do I need to have?

The program is designed to fit into ANY lifestyle. Busy with business, mum life, travelling, studying, working 3 jobs, it really doesn't matter. You can tailor this to suit YOUR needs. AND getting clear about your needs is something you will explore and develop during the journey.


What are the payment plan options?

See the details at the bottom of the page but there is no need to freak out about money. If you really want to do this fill out the form and we can make something work for both of us. I really trust that the right women will join this program and it will be a perfect exchange match. 


Why would i choose level 2?

You would choose this if you have got big stuff to move through (trauma/divorce/recent loss) and your feel you will probably need healing and intensive support,  You always have the change to move into level 2 or book in a personal session if the need arises and if the group context is not meeting your needs for private attention.

When will the group/guest calls be?

The time of the group calls will be decided at the beginning of the program depending on where the participant time zones are located. Don't stress, it will always be workable and for any missed calls replays are available after each call.


When does the program begin?

It starts on the 16th of March 2018 and will run for 3 cycles of 28 days until June. 


Still have questions?

You can get any concerns answered on the introduction call if you are selected after your application is put through (see form below). So if you are feeling the call..reach out!

 If this program feels like something that would really benefit YOU...

Then go ahead and fill out the form below and we can have a free (totally obligation free) 20min introductory call to discuss 

Pricing Options

Find the options below AND what we really want , is this for you to work for you. If you are confused or stressed about the money side of things, get in touch and we can find a way to make it work.

Special offer for the first month


Jump in for the first month and see it its a fit

Included 1 month Training 

Included  Group Calls, ongoing mentoring in the private FB group and Seminars for the first month

Included Access to all resources for 1 month

Option to continue at $599 a month for the last 2 months on level 1 or shift up to level 2 

Got any questions?

Level 1


In either 2 or 3 payments ( you decide)

Included 3 months of Training 

Included  Group Calls, ongoing mentoring in the private FB group and Seminars for the 3 cycles 

Included unlimited access to all resources (practices/programs/ meditations etc) 

10%  discount on upcoming workshops and retreats  

Got any questions?

Level 2


In 1-3 payments ( you decide)

Included 3 months of Training 

Included weekly 60 min Personal Mentoring Skype sessions with Shradha 

Included  Group Calls, ongoing mentoring in the private FB group and Seminars for the 3 cycles 

Included unlimited access to all resources (practices/programs/ meditations etc) 

20%  discount on upcoming workshops and retreats

This is highly recommended if you have big stuff to work through and will need a lot of personal support


Got any questions?

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