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What is the Yoni Wake Up Call Program?

An online program for women like no other, this 28 day journey for women is designed to support you to release old traumas and numbness, bring the vitality back into your pelvis and the sacredness back into your sexuality.

Discover Tantric Feminine practices that you can use in daily life and explore more of who you are as a sexual woman.

(And actually have FUN as you transform your body and your sexual life in a gentle loving way).  

Receive Personal support

You do not have to walk this path alone! It is SO important to feel connected and supported by other women who 'get' you. This is gold!

The group journey is designed to offer you this support. You will be free to engage in the way that feels good for you through the private FB group and weekly group calls and emails. 

Weekly Healing circles

The weekly sister sharing and healing circles via zoom will offer you beautiful opportunities to fill up on healing energy and connect each week with awesome women around the world. And receive personal mentoring with your guide Sonja Maria Devi. 

Daily practice Videos

These beautiful video practice sessions are designed to easily fit into your daily routine. You will be expertly guided to discover a treasure trove of friendly and fun and EFFECTIVE tantric practices for feminine vitality. These life changing practices will support you to make real shifts in your body and sex life.


Who is this program for?

It is for ANY women who wants to create a deeper connection to her sexuality but ESPECIALLY if she experiences any of the following;

πŸ’— Tension, pain or numbness in your sexual organs.

πŸ’—Sexual blockages and trauma.

πŸ’—Low libido, low energy and inspiration.

πŸ’— You know there must be something more but you don't know how to find it.

πŸ’— Shame about being seen as 'sexual'.

πŸ’— Fear of expressing your sexuality with your partner.

πŸ’— A divide between your sexuality and spirituality, and between your vagina and your heart

πŸ’— Only able to receive sexual pleasure from others.

πŸ’— A habit of attracting toxic people and sexual experiences that do not nourish you.

πŸ’— You wish to deepen the pleasure and intimacy in your relationship.



"This program is so potent, I could feel results within days! It has made my life so much juicier (yes, also literally) and vital."


“This program has given me whole new lease of life..I feel completely awakened, enlivened and freed like never before”


“ As a result of this program I am IN myself, WITH myself, not abandoning myself like I did my whole life."


Why you will LOVE the Yoni Wake Up Call 

πŸ’— You will discover a treasure trove of friendly and fun and EFFECTIVE tantric practices. 

 πŸ’—As the blood and energy circulation increases in your pelvis, you will feel a delicious free flow of energy through your body. And awakened sensitivity to pleasure in everyday life.

πŸ’— When you learn to circulate life force energy you will experience a deep dimension to your sexuality that is incredibly fulfilling. 

πŸ’— Over the month you will feel lighter, more confident, more fluid , playful and dynamic and connected to your inner knowing.

πŸ’— You will begin to attract high vibe sexual experiences that will blow your mind.

Over the 4 weeks you will be expertly  guided to

πŸ’— Release energetic blockages and stagnation in your sexual organs.

πŸ’— ‘Un –numb’ and awaken to the nourishing realm of yummy sensations.

πŸ’— Remember your sexual innocence and joy in your own body.

πŸ’— Hold space for your self to move though sexual blocks to expressing and enjoying your sexuality in a gentle, loving way.

πŸ’— Create a love vibration in your body that attracts next level, deeply honoring and fulfilling sexual experiences.

πŸ’— Tap into your ecstatic potential as a fully embodied radiant woman.


Super affordable and utterly transformational..

your whole body will be saying YES and THANK YOU on the other side of this 28 day group voyage

Do you feel the call?????


10th May 2021

"The yoni wake up call program is phenomenal. I loved the practices and the connection I experienced was so transformational. I wouldn't be where I am today without it"  -Fiona

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I am offering this at a super discount price so that this is available to the women who want and need this now.


When you sign up for the Group Journey, you will receive lifetime access to the program resources PLUS ALL the invaluable perks of joining the group journey;

I look forward to meeting you and holding you and sharing this healing space with you!

Love Sonja Maria!

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The Full Program


This is the early bird price, valid until May 5th

  • Immediate access to all videos, classes and meditations in the program.
  • 4 live online healing circles
  • Personal mentoring through the private group FB page
  • Experienced support and skilfully held space for your healing journey
  • A community of awesome women from around the world who are walking the path with you.
  • Option to pay in monthly instalments. 

How I un-numbed my yoni

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