Are you ready to feel great in your body
and shine in 2018?


Join us for this unique feminine empowerment intensive designed to create Ease, Openness and Sensual Connection in your body, your relationships and your life


Unhook from old patterns and tap into your sensual feminine knowing and confidence


Activate connection to pleasure pathways and resource yourself with natural energy and sweet connection


Connect to the flow of abundant creative energy to fuel your life and nourish your relationships.


Facilitated by Sonja Shradha Devi

Intimacy and Empowerment Guide, facilitator and healer with 10 years experience of offering Feminine Embodiment Workshops internationally. 

She will hold a safe and loving space you to experience potently nourishing feminine practices for full body awakening including:

Practices for Sexual Healing and intro into Sacred Sexuality, Feminine embodiment & empowerment practices and Intimacy and conscious relating transformation

Learn more about Shradha and these practices HERE


10am- 4pm Saturday and Sunday the 17th & 18th

If you cannot make both days there is the option of coming for 1 day for $220 If you are interested in this please contact me and check availability


The cost for the weekend workshop is $390 including take home resources valued at $165.

Spaces are limited so book now to reserve your space.
contact here if you have any further questions about the event and what to expect.


What women say about working with Shradha


Live YOUR Sensual Truth

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of woman comes to these workshops?

We attract women searching for a more fulfilling experience of being a woman, women of all ages and colours and types. 

Most women are surprised to find just how healing and transformative these workshops are and report feeling a sense of ‘coming home to themselves’.


Who benefits from these workshops?

Any women who experience any of the following will find the techniques we offer valuable, and probably, life changing.

Low energy, low confidence, numb sexual organs and/or inability to orgasm, unfulfilling sexual experiences and/or sexual trauma, PMS, menopausal symptoms, body image issues, a feeling of not feeling juicy, excited or inspired by life, lack of confidence, inability to access inner guidance or create healthy boundaries, difficulty in maintaining or attracting fulfilling relationships, difficulty in creating a happy healthy lifestyle.


Who are the workshops for? 

Our workshops and retreats are for any woman of any age ( we have attendees ranging from 17-70 years old!) and any level of experience. We welcome, and indeed LOVE, complete beginners, mums, grandmas, teenage girls and also women who feel like complete strangers to their femininity as well as seasoned goddesses who seek to fill up in a held space…. Basically, if you feel like you need this then this is for you!


What will I get?

You will get a place to rest, to rejuvenate, to learn, to heal, to thrive, to dance, to feel welcome and safe as you explore and express yourself, to shed layers and break out of old patterns and discover and claim new aspects of your body and yourself.

You will learn feminine techniques and practices that will guide you towards a deeper relationship with yourself, your femininity and the world around you.


Will I have to take my clothes off around other people?

No, You will not have to do any thing that you do not feel comfortable doing.

All the practices are performed either fully clothed or with a sarong, at no time will there ever be any pressure for your to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with, every effort is made for you to feel safe, nourished and respected at all times.


Will it be challenging?

Probably there will be moments where you feel at the edge of your comfort zone, you will not be pressured past this but you will be encouraged to explore what is going on for you in the interests of taking you beyond your fears and into a place of ‘ok ness’ with the unknown.


How will I feel after the workshop?

You are also likely to feel a dramatic boost of energy in the weeks after the workshop.

Women leave our workshops and retreats shining and radiant and excited about their lives and their relationships. This is why we are passionate about what we do, because we see that this work is powerful, bringing more love, acceptance, joy and pleasure into the lives of the women who come to work with us.

Directly after the workshop you are likely to feel amazing, but you will also feel sensitive so we recommend NOT booking in anything directly after the workshop so that you have time to integrate the effects of the workshop.


What if I cannot afford it?

The costs of the workshop and retreats are investments in your greater well-being. You are investing in a life changing and enhancing experience which is actually invaluable. However if the prices quoted are way beyond your budget then feel free to contact us, if you feel deeply drawn to what we offer then we want to hear from you.

"The time I spent on Shradha's workshop was utterly transformational. I left feeling empowered, strong and beautiful . Thank you for creating such a nurturing, safe, open space for us all to blossom in'"

Egg Farmer- Austrailia

"I am so grateful for the work that Shradha is doing. The practices I have learnt from her has allowed me to open up and find my feminine essence. I do the practices that i learnt everyday and they help me to connect with myself. I highly recommend this work to any woman who wants to feel more feminine and in tune with herself."

Personal Trainer- London

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