Reversing the

'Depleted Woman Syndrome'



Receive the Keys to unearth the Power in your Body &

Live from Fullness rather than Depletion




Its hard to be happy and loving when you are tired

So many women are experiencing the debilitating effects of a fast paced world. With little education on how to support our energy system to replenish itself, or guidance on how to create the conditions we need. Is it any wonder so many women are tired, grumpy, dissatisfied and stretched?

Join me for a fun and practical exploration of how we as awakening modern women can reverse the depleted woman syndrome and tap into our natural feminine resources to create lives that fulfil us on every level

When? Sunday 14th October 

6 PM Brisbane

7 pm Sydney/Melbourne

4 PM Bali/Perth/Singapore

9 AM London

10 AM EU

9 PM Auckland

Understand HOW your female energy system works

Get clear on exactly what YOUR needs are & HOW to create a life where you get them met

Learn skills 2 support a life of connection and juiciness rather than stress and depletion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep for sure, if you sign up I will send you a recording of the webinar so you can see it even if you miss the live screening.

Nooo!!!! I wouldn't do that to you, that is SO not what I am about. You will get an offer on some supportive resources at the end. But my focus is on giving you info that will help you NOW.

It will go for 60 mins. You are invited to ask questions in the chat box in the last 10 mins. Other than that all It involves is following a link at the appointed time and setting down in a cosy space with a cup of tea and tuning in.


Just enter in your name and email so I can send you out the details ( It's 100% FREE)