Rebirth Retreat


With Sonja Shradha Devi









Join us in for a life changing journey into Self Love, Authentic Power and Sacred Sexuality in a secret  location in the jungle of magical Bali 


8-13 June  2021

As women our sexuality is connected to our true power and holds the keys for our deepest fulfilment.
Yet as a result of growing up in a patriarchal world, many women experience a disconnect from the love inside of herself and the sacredness of her sexuality.
The invitation in this retreat is to heal, explore, transform and rebirth yourself into the sexually sovereign woman you were born to be.
Within sacred space, nestled in magical jungle by a sacred waterfall, fed by pure food and water and loving vibrations.
This retreat will be a profound opportunity for any woman yearning to let go of patterns that are not based on love and nourishment (shame, addiction, self sabotage, disconnection from nourishing sexuality and difficulty in attracting healthy relationships).. experience a rebirth that will nourish every aspect of her life.
This is a unique experience strictly for women interested in deep transformation ,spaces are limited to keep the group small and intimate for maximum support. If this is speaking to you then you are welcome and you can apply below.

Dive into Feminine Healing Practices

Tantric Feminine practices * Sensual Yoga * Yoni Egg for Sexual Healing & Pelvic Health * Priestess Initiations* Sexual Vitality Chi Gung * Womb Healing and Ancestral Healing* Deep Rejuvenation on all levels

"The rebirth retreat in Bali was so much more than I had wished for and at the same time it was exactly what I longed for. I walked away with a newly found overflowing love for myself, my loved ones, humans in general and trust in Life. I am so much more sensitive to all energies and I am able to listen to my own inner voice with a new clarity and awareness."


"I let go of the idea that 'I'm not enough'. I let go of the idea of ' I have to do this on my own and I don't have the skills to heal.' I let go of so much pain from my past. I let go of the idea that I am not a sexual person. I arrived home feeling so much softer than when I left. Life is more easeful and I really feel like I have gained the tools to maintain and support being softer with myself and in my approach to life. I am more confident and feel like I have stepped up, that I am closer to my true self than ever before. It is such a powerful and comforting place to live from."


We heal our bodies for ourselves, our daughters and all women.

"Every women on this Earth should be on this retreat!🙏 such a beautiful re-connection with ourself, with nature, with spirit!❤🙏 Feeling myself as a women again after this retreat!🌺 Thank you once again!🙏 "



Sonja Shradha Devi is a Priestess and Healer who specialises in feminine embodiment and empowerment and sexual healing.  She has been teaching transformational workshops and retreats internationally for over 10 years.

Shradha supports women to break out of disempowering patterns and embrace their role as powerful, sovereign (and sexy!) cocreators of a beautiful world.

She will hold a safe and loving space for you to experience potently nourishing feminine practices for full body healing & awakening

Learn more about Shradha and these practices here


"You have changed my life!! you have changed me.. somehow you unlocked... me, ! The me that’s been hiding deep inside for so many years, that I just couldn’t get to or allow to be. You showed me how beautiful it is to let life flow through you... how amazing it is to connect to myself and other women.... and so much more!"

New Zealand

"I am so grateful for the work Shradha is doing, this retreat has really helped me to open up and find my inner essence. I do the exercises I learnt every day and I can feel how I'm connecting with myself, bringing out my feminine. I can highly recommend this work to any woman who wants to feel more feminine and in tune with herself."

Personal Trainer- London

"My partner and I are having an awesome time since the retreat, I don't know how to thank you for the new path you've opened up for us."

Melbourne Australia - Full time mum

❤️ Receive the skills and guidance to awaken your body to its potential, create the ground for living as a self honouring, confident and creative Sacred Sexual woman.

❤️ Be held by an experienced team of healers in daily transformation sessions to release trauma, deeply held unprocessed and emotions and come back to self love.

❤️ Come back to connection into the earth and your natural vitality with delicious high vibrational food, ,amazing massage, evenings by the fire and rivers to bathe in.

❤️Practice Sensual yoga and Tao Tantric practices in the tropical garden  and bathe in the river between sessions

Be Reborn!


Spaces limited to 8

Reserve with a 25% deposit


Click 'Apply Now' to fill out the booking form, if we feel you are a good fit for this retreat we will send out payment and booking info.

$1444 USD

Offer is until March 28, 2021


Reserve with a 25% deposit after filling out the application form

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$1777 USD

 Reserve with a 25% deposit


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So What Does the Retreat Include?

You might be wondering what exactly you'll be getting
with your retreat? Here's all the details.



What's Included


🌼 Airport transfer to and from retreat,  from Ubud on the start day and back on the end day

🌼 5 nights single occupancy accommodation in simple but lovely jungle homestay 10 minute walk from the healing space.

🌼 All meals ( organic and delicious and high vibe) during the retreat from lunch 0n the 16th to breakfast on the 21st – we will cater for where possible specific dietary needs - please let us know.

🌼 Daily morning yoga and meditation and a full program of sessions, initiations and nature connection 

🌼 One massage included and the opportunity to book in for a healing session.

🌼 High support and care from experienced healers

🌼 A lot of space for silence and reflection to help you to really drop into deep silence within.


Not Included


🌻 Airfares Meals and accommodation prior to and after the retreat

🌻 Transfers to and from the retreat which are not at the appointed times and places.

🌻 Travel insurance

🌻 Massages and treatments in addition for those included in the package ( you can purchase extra sessions with a range of amazing therapists)

🌻 Snacks between meals (please bring if you need!)







Join us in exquisite Bali for a Complete Reset and Deep Empowerment

5 days of deep healing & transformation in the jungle

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of woman comes to these workshops?

We attract women searching for a more fulfilling experience of being a woman, women of all ages and colours and types. 

Most women are surprised to find just how healing and transformative these workshops are and report feeling a sense of ‘coming home to themselves’.


Who benefits from these workshops?

Any women who experience any of the following will find the techniques we offer valuable, and probably, life changing.

Low energy, low confidence, numb sexual organs and/or inability to orgasm, unfulfilling sexual experiences and/or sexual trauma, PMS, menopausal symptoms, body image issues, a feeling of not feeling juicy, excited or inspired by life, lack of confidence, inability to access inner guidance or create healthy boundaries, difficulty in maintaining or attracting fulfilling relationships, difficulty in creating a happy healthy lifestyle.


Who are the workshops for? 

Our workshops and retreats are for any woman of any age ( we have attendees ranging from 17-70 years old!) and any level of experience. We welcome, and indeed LOVE, complete beginners, mums, grandmas, teenage girls and also women who feel like complete strangers to their femininity as well as seasoned goddesses who seek to fill up in a held space…. Basically, if you feel like you need this then this is for you!


Where are the workshops and retreats?

We select exquisite venues in quiet natural settings so that you may relax deeply from just the environment alone! We nearly always hold our workshops and retreats near a river, ocean or pool nearby to swim in and we seek to provide quality food and deep support in every way.


What will I get?

You will get a place to rest, to rejuvenate, to learn, to heal, to thrive, to dance, to feel welcome and safe as you explore and express yourself, to shed layers and break out of old patterns and discover and claim new aspects of your body and yourself.

You will learn feminine techniques and practices that will guide you towards a deeper relationship with yourself, your femininity and the world around you.


Will I have to take my clothes off around other people?

No, You will not have to do any thing that you do not feel comfortable doing.

All the practices are performed either fully clothed or with a sarong, at no time will there ever be any pressure for your to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with, every effort is made for you to feel safe, nourished and respected at all times.


Will it be challenging?

Probably there will be moments where you feel at the edge of your comfort zone, you will not be pressured past this but you will be encouraged to explore what is going on for you in the interests of taking you beyond your fears and into a place of ‘ok ness’ with the unknown.


How will I feel after the workshop?

You are also likely to feel a dramatic boost of energy in the weeks after the workshop.

Women leave our workshops and retreats shining and radiant and excited about their lives and their relationships. This is why we are passionate about what we do, because we see that this work is powerful, bringing more love, acceptance, joy and pleasure into the lives of the women who come to work with us.

Directly after the workshop you are likely to feel amazing, but you will also feel sensitive so we recommend NOT booking in anything directly after the workshop so that you have time to integrate the effects of the workshop.


What if I cannot afford it?

The costs of the workshop and retreats are investments in your greater well-being. You are investing in a life changing and enhancing experience which is actually invaluable. However if the prices quoted are way beyond your budget then feel free to contact us, if you feel deeply drawn to what we offer then we want to hear from you.

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