Online Programs

Be guided and supported as you dive deeply into your feminine potential, in your own home, in your own time.

Audios & Videos

The materials are presented in a combination of videos, audios and lessons. You will have a daily program of practices and a weekly theme to explore. Guiding you progressively to safe and effective and lasting transformation.

Expert Guidance

Shradha is an expert in the field of Feminine empowerment & embodiment. With her deep presence and skilful guidance you will be able to shed layers and tap into your feminine energy like never before.


Adaptable to your schedule

These programs were designed to be flexible and adaptable to fit into your lifestyle. With the one time purchase fee you receive access to the resources of life and you can download the audios and videos onto your phone for easy access.

Yoni Egg Magic Month 

A transformative Feminine Sensual Empowerment online adventure with Yoni Egg practices for vitality, sexual healing and deeper fulfilment and intimacy.


Yoni Wake Up Call Program

Un-numb your Yoni & connect to your creative energy to power your life!

A powerful activator of your pelvic power., this 28 day journey into Tantric Feminine practices and Sacred Sexuality will invite more energy & intimacy into your body and into your life.

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Reclaim your Radiance

Reclaim your Feminine Radiance and Shift your Shame for good in this 28 day Body Transformation Program

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"Shradha’s courses are without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in my entire life. I feel safe, sensual, juicy and much more alive. What an incredible gift it is, to feel like a goddess and what a blessing it is to radiate this out into the world. And the best part is: this feeling keeps on growing as I continue to do the practices. It is my wish for every woman to feel like this!"


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