Nakedly Unashamed 2020

🌹7 Day New Years Online Empowerment Journey for women 🌹

THANK YOU for saying YES to LOVING your body and living in YOUR juicy feminine power in 2020 !!


You will find your morning and evening practice below

Here are a few guidelines with the resources;

1. Create a sweet space for you to do your practices in, if you keep to the same place it will help build the energy for regular practice after the 7 day journey. You might want to light some incense and say a prayer just before your practice.

2. Aim to do AT LEAST ONE PRACTICE A DAY for the 7 days. Ideally you will do both the morning and evening practice but 1 session per day is awesome.

3. ENOY the practices and adapt them for you. Enjoy the simplicity of taking time to breathe deep luxurious breaths into your beautiful body.

Take this precious time to be BLESSED by your own love and attention.


Get in some comfy clothes you can stretch in and pop your yoga mat down in your special spot and enjoy! This practice is just under 20 mins. If you are on your moon then just do it nice and slow... (BTW the sound is kind of glitchy to begin but it soon gets clearer so hang on :)



Lay down and charge up for 2020!

This is a 20 min audio journey

Listen here

Nakedly Unashamed Live Events

Its going on in the FB group so make sure you are IN

🌹29th Dec -online workshop-1 HOUR

Becoming Nakedly Unashamed

🌹31st Jan- 2o mins

New Years Letting Go Live Ritual

🌹2nd -20 mins

New Year Planting Seeds Live Ritual

🌹4th-online workshop-1 HOUR

Power, Pleasure& Purpose

Feminine Empowerment workshop,  Q and A & closing ritual



Based in Bali, Shradha has been facilitating workshops & retreats for women’s transformation internationally for over 10 years. A seasoned Tantra and Yoga Teacher, Women’s Healer and a natural Priestess Shradha is known for creating powerful spaces for women to let go, heal and transform.

Find out more here

We welcome any questions that you have , please go ahead and ask them below


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