Be Nakedly Unashamed in 2020

🌹7 Day New Years Online Empowerment Journey for women 🌹


Say YES to LOVING your body and living in your Juicy Feminine Power in 2020

2020 is a powerful year and NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME to really step into your power as a juicy woman and a conscious creator. This 7 day empowerment process is designed to get you READY for 2020 & beyond.! You will be lead by Teacher and Priestess of Feminine Empowerment Sonja Shradha Devi in a powerful process to PREPARE you to step into 2020 feeling awesome about who you are and ready to EMBODY your power and beauty as a radiant empowered woman living in alignment with her highest purpose.

Join the global movement of awakening women who are stepping up and CHOOSING to be Nakedly Unashamed 

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Over the 7 days you will be guided to;

🌹Let go of the shit you do not wish to bring into the new decade,

🌹Get TOTALLY clear and aligned with your deepest intentions

🌹Prepare your body to bounce into 2020 feeling nourished and full of vitality

To support your transformation you will receive

🌹Daily practices and online workshops

🌹A week of personal support and guidance to guide your next steps

🌹A tribe of other women saying YES with you

And so much more!


Begins on 29th December

Receive it all for only $33 WHOOP WHOOP super good deal !!!



Based in Bali, Shradha has been facilitating Intimacy & Empowerment workshops & retreats for 10 years.

A seasoned Tantra and Yoga Teacher, Women’s Healer and a natural Priestess, Shradha is known for creating powerful spaces for women to let go, heal & blossom.

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"Working with Shradha has truly changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I feel empowered from deep within, firmly rooted into my femininity and with a sense of freedom in how I relate to my body, sensuality and sexuality"


Frequently Asked Questions

When you register you will receive the invite to join the private FB group where you will be able to participate in the online rituals and workshops and communicate with the tribe.

Then on the 28th Dec ( the day before the start date) you will receive an email with a link to the page with the daily resources for the journey, there will be a video practice in the morning and an audio practice in the evening to do in your own time.

Please absolutely make sure that you sign up to the email list upon registering so you can receive all this info for the journey.

So just to sum it up will be provided with a yummy daily and evening practice, there will be 4 online events via FB live during the week and ongoing mentoring going on in the group.

If you miss attending the online workshop/ritual live YES you CAN watch it later as the link will remain on the FB page :) 

There will be 4 online events via FB live ( in the private group) during the week.

These will be at 


🌹Timings for our live events..
Bali/Perth/Singapore 4 PM
Brisbane 6 PM
Sydney/Melbourne 7PM
Auckland 9 PM
London 8 AM
LA 12 AM

I am sorry that these timings are not great for US ladies..but..

If you miss attending the online workshop/ritual live YES you CAN watch it later as the link will remain on the FB page :) 

Optional online events ;

29th Dec -Becoming Nakedly Unashamed-1 hour workshop

31st Dec -

New Years Letting Go Live Ritual- 20 mins

2nd Jan - Planting Seeds & Ovary Love-Live Ritual 20 mins

4th Jan 

Power, Pleasure& Purpose- I hour workshop

In all these online events I will be creating a healing and empowering space to include ALL the women attending then or works like magic as you will see :) 


The schedule is flexible enough to adapt to your life ( and you will not have to show up and do things on new years day - thats our free day so you can CHILL).

Here is a general idea of how a day will look;

Morning Practice 20 mins

Evening Practice 20 mins

( these are done in your own time)

And then you can spend as much time as you want communicating with the group and checking in to my daily messages.

Optional online events ;

29th Dec 1 hour workshop

31st Dec - Live Ritual 20 mins

2nd Jan - Live Ritual 20 mins

4th Jan I hour workshop

We welcome any further questions that you have. Please go ahead and ask them below


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