Activate your Soul Mission

(the wild feminine way)

 28 day Equinox Empowerment Journey

Begins 24th September

With Sonja Maria Devi


Be inspired & supported

at this shift of the seasons

to step forward on your path of purpose!


Are you ready to call in your  power ?

This equinox is a powerful time with an abundance of transformative energy that we can harness with intention.

 The Online Equinox Empowerment Journey will hold you and guide you in a process of deep embodiment & purpose alignment;

To connect to your creative power

& get into gear for the season ahead.

Get anchored in the self care paradigm

Now is THE time to look after your beautiful body & establish enjoyable self care routines for the season ahead. On this journey you will be guided to:

❤️Get rooted & cultivate balance with earth energy practices for nervous system regulation.

❤️Give some love to your adrenals & replenish your energy reserves.

❤️Create awesome boundaries through cultivating energetic integrity (so you can focus on what is important and not get distracted).

❤️Stay juicy & connected to your sensual wisdom with Tao Tantric Sexual Vitality practices.

(Prepare to fall in love with these powerful & enjoyable practices for feminine radiance & vitality!)

Commit to living & working magically

❤️Step out of the matrix and into the realm of sovereignty & magic with wild feminine business principles to guide the way

❤️Get clear on what is important & create the kind of work that works for you

❤️Connect to the codes of abundance through living in right relationship with the earth.

Unlock your expression

❤️Release fear, sabotage & blocks to expression.

❤️Find your voice through nourishing your spirit connection and internal power.

❤️Align with the frequency of your soul purpose in order to actualise with ease rather than struggle.

28 days of inspiration, energy practices and activations.


❤️Each day you will have a new 10 min video with a theme and practice to explore & embody; walking you, step by loving step, on a journey into deeper empowerment & activation of your soul mission.

❤️ As an integral part of the program you will nourish & activate your body with a new 20 min feminine embodiment practice each week.

❤️As part of this equinox empowerment journey you will receive the support and energy of other warrior sisters stepping up! There will be 2 group workshops and the opportunity to work alongside a buddy throughout the month.

 When we walk this path as a tribe of sisters the journey becomes so much more potent & joyful!

This 28 day program is valued at $222

Receive this now with the group workshops & full equinox empowerment experience for only $99!


Basic but beautiful


  • 28 days of guidance through the "Bring it' Empowerment program [valued at $222].
  • 2 x 90 min online group empowerment workshops
  • So many resources at a super affordable price
  • Choose to pay in 3 monthly payments of $33

Sensual Boost


Most Popular

  • 28 days of guidance through the "Bring it' Empowerment program [valued at $222].
  • 2 x 90 min group online empowerment workshops
  • Upgrade the embodiment experience with The Sensual Flows Morning Practice Series (get $78 off the price of the flows!)  Find out more about these awesome resources for sensual empowerment here.



Let me love you up

  • 28 days of guidance through the "Bring it' Empowerment program [valued at $222].
  • 2 x 90 min group online empowerment workshops
  • The Sensual Flows Morning Practice Series
  • 1 personal healing & empowerment session with Sonja valued at $199

🙏Once you register we will send out all the details in time for you to begin the journey on the 24th. Please note that registration closes at 8pm (uk time) on the 24th. Please see FAQ's below for the time and date of the group workshops.

YES! You will receive unlimited access to the program ( so you can continue to work with the resources after the 28 day equinox journey)

YES you can pay in monthly instalments if you do not have the total price up front. You can request a tailor made payment plan here

 Do you have any questions? go ahead and ask us here 

✨Activate your voice and your vision.

✨ Be supported to step forward with confidence and ease.

 ✨Overcome sabotage

✨Release resistance

✨ Reprogram burn out

✨Learn to create from self love

✨Build the confidence and vision to bring your gifts forward

✨Get comfortable expressing your TRUE self

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Angel UK

For a long time I felt shame in making too much noise, drawing attention and being seen. During this journey I received the insight that this stems from my ancestors. The practices you lead us through were really powerful. Thank you! 

Meet your Guide

Sonja Maria Devi

An Australian born natural priestess, healer and educator Sonja Maria Devi is the founder of the Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School and has been teaching women's retreats, intimacy workshops & holding healing rituals internationally for 10 years.

Sonja specialises in holding spaces for deep healing, transformation and radical embodied empowerment. In the most loving way she will inspire and empower you to own your feminine power, resource your body and live your truth.

I look forward to supporting you to radically and beautifully embody your authentic expression and bring it to the world.

Love Sonja xx