✨26 Feb 22✨$22

Via Zoom

With Sonja Maria Devi


& Receive what you need to take the next steps on your path as a creatrix birthing the new earth

 What is calling to be expressed and birthed through you in 2022?

It could be a new way of being in your body, a more empowered way to show up in your relationships or a more loving way to show up for yourself. It could be a project or a work of art or a great leap into something new.

Whatever it looks for you..

If you feel the call to be in service at this powerful time of change.

And you feel the call to step up and into your authentic expression and true purpose.

Then you are invited to bring that through within a circle of co-creatrixes.

The 'Bring it' workshops are spaces for you to be held and supported as you step forward;

 ✨Be held as you dive deep into your personal dreaming, and guided in the inner work to make it happen.

✨Be nourished by a potent energy field to activate your voice and your vision.

 ✨Open to support- on all the levels- so you may bring forth the expression of your soul purpose, the offering that is the embodiment of your authentic essence

🌺Learn simple but powerful energy practices to connect to your personal power.

🌺Identify & release self sabotaging patterns.

🌺Prepare your body temple for the expansion you are calling in.

🌺Connect to your womb as a portal for creation.

🌺Activate your voice & release blocks to speaking your truth.

🌺Reclaim powerful vulnerability (and get ok about ‘being seen’).

🌺Receive personal mentoring & healing energy.

🌺Call in your 'spirit team'. Learn to establish connection to your ancestors, guides and nature spirits

🌺Connect to your inner source of free flowing life force.

🌺Take the time and space to vision deep 

🌺Release and come back to trust and empower your inner authority.

🌺Connect to co-creators on the path who see you and feel you.

✨Timings of the live session:

 9pm NZ
8am London
9am Central Europe
4pm Bali/Perth
7pm Sydney/Melbourne

( or watch the replay anytime)


$22 USD 

Concession price $11 ( 2 available, please email to apply).

We are not designed to birth alone!

Step out of the matrix and into the creatrix matrix!

All feminine beings with positive intent welcome.


In the interest of maximum personal support, spaces are limited to 10.

Registration is open now! 

ps: You will receive as soon as you sign up.:  -  one juicy 20 min empowering tantric flow video practice to get you rolling right away. 

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Meet your Guide

Sonja Maria Devi

An Australian born natural priestess, healer and educator currently based in the jungle in Bali, Sonja Maria Devi is the founder of the Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom School. She also mentors both men and women on the art of conscious relationship.

A practical virgo as well as a wild unconventional mystic. Sonja began her work as a healer at the tender age of 20, Through many years of intensive self healing and exploration of tantric embodiment, she has gone on to create her own style of healing embodiment practices & programs. She has been teaching women's retreats, intimacy workshops & holding healing rituals internationally for 10 years.

Sonja specialises in holding spaces for deep healing, transformation and radical embodied empowerment. In the most loving way she will inspire and empower you to own your vulnerability, reclaim your sovereignty and live your truth.

Birth your vision & own your power

Receive the love and skills to make it happen

YES I am ready to BRING IT!