Feminine Practices assist with the following issues:

πŸ’— Low Self confidence and motivation


πŸ’— Excess weight and body image issues


πŸ’— Low energy / adrenal fatigue Low Libido


πŸ’— Excess thought and worry


πŸ’—Lack of connection to your Feminine energy and power!


 Did you know that you come in to this world with a set amount of essential energy? Unless you replenish your 'energy bank account' you can easily become depleted.

When you feel depleted it is SO much easier to fall into what i call 'Low Self worth spirals' ( you know the ones i mean..) and feel shit about yourself..

The Feminine Vitality practices I share offer you a way to
replenish your 'energy bank account' and

HARNESS the POWER of your life force energy 

To stay VIBRANT and JUICY...and feel GOOD about yourself 

( so you can be a positive loving force in this world!!)












πŸ’— Tap into your feminine flow and activate your 'shakti power'

πŸ’— Release the ‘old stuff ‘ that keeps you stuck

πŸ’— Invite in fresh vital energy into your body and your life

πŸ’— Access your sensual essence and innate juiciness

Check out our Bestselling Online Practices & Programs

The Complete set of Feminine Meditations

Allow yourself to be held, loved and expertly guided to heal sexual wounds and nourish your feminine energy with this complete set of guided meditation journeys- listen to them in the bath, in bed and on your way to work!


Morning Feminine Practice Video Series

The Shakti Flows are a series of 20 min morning routines that include potent and enjoyable Yogic, Toaist and Tantric techniques for feminine vitality to revolutionise your morning, your day and your body!


Heal Vaginal Numbness Yoni Wake Up Call Program

Receive the keys to awaken more sensitivity and vitality in your vagina and cultivate an empowering relationship to your sexuality with this unique 28 day Sexual Empowerment Program. Including daily practice videos, meditations and guidance


"I have learnt new ways to relate to my female body, I certainly feel more beautiful on the inside and more radiant in the world."

Vanya London
Full time mother

"I feel like a completely different person, I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through the exercises we have done. This work is very powerful and i am so grateful for your devotion to the Sacred Feminine. With all my heart, thank you"

Personal Trainer

"Words cannot express how this work has helped me to accept who I am!.”"

Empowerment Coach

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