Feminine Essence Healing Half Day UBUD

Receive a life changing personalised healing and connect to YOUR feminine essence, with Sonja Shradha Devi

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Transform your Sexual Story & Open to Self Love

Whether you wish to meet a new partner ,revolutionise your current relationship or create a meaningful relationship to your own body..

This transformative morning will give you the tools and energy shifts you need to let go of the past and create a feminine centred life.

The Program for the day

8:15-9:30am- 75 min Feminine Tantra class 

9:30am-10:30am Organic smoothie bowl breakfast and coaching

10:45-12:15 90 min Womens Healing Session

12:30-1:00 Water blessing

Cost is $333 USD –all inclusive with Sacred Sexual meditations to take home. You can purchase your session here once a date has been locked in.

You will receive a personalised Womens Healing Session

Shradha has 20 years experience in Yogic Bodywork and womens healing. She specializes in helping women release sexual trauma and body shame and create more fulfilling relationships.

In this 90 min session session you will be skilfully and lovingly supported to let go of past pain and open up to more love, clarity and bliss.


♥️Kate O'Brian speaks about her experience working with Sonja Shradha Devi

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I can help you with the following issues 


● A sense of disconnection from your power, pleasure or purpose.

So that includes a feeling of disconnect from the wisdom in your body, a sense of being 'shut down' and  'in your head' judging yourself constantly and NOT feeling the love and fulfilment in your own body.

● Self sabotage patterns that block your ability to create fulfilling relationships and work and self love.

You know those old patterns that play out again and again,  keeping your stuck in the same old story of 'I am not good enough' these are the kind of patterns we want to address and get to the root of ( lovingly).

● Over eating, emotional eating, going to the fridge ( or whatever is your favorite form of distraction).

There comes a time when you are ready to choose to be happy, this involves making different choices , and getting the kind of loving support and inner resources to make it happen. This is a safe space to move beyond your distractions and into real self love and connection with your body.

● Creating messy relationship dramas (or NO fulfilling intimate relationships at all!! )

Whatever love patterns and relationship issues you have going, you can share your experience here and find more conscious and empowering ways to navigate relationships.

● Persisting in less- than- fulfilling work situations out of fear of stepping out into the unknown.

If you are NOT living your highest purpose, this is a space to have a good look at WHY, and be supported as you create the life that IS an expression of your highest purpose (and bust out of those scarcity fears too).

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