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Posted by on Nov 14, 2014

The Divine Warrioress-Empowerment-Cards 1-8

She is juicy and heart centered and she kicks arse, she give us the OOMPH we need to step up and speak our truth and live in our power. She gives us the clarity we need to move through stale patterns that suck our life force. This archetype offers the energetic power bases and the physical practices that activate our energy and open us to our authentic confident expression


  1. I am the wild woman who knows how to run with the wolves.


At the end of the day, we are wild creatures, we naturally know how to move, to breathe, to love, to let go. We need to howl and moan occasionally and let our wild nature breathe our bodies and souls back into life. If you pulled this card your wild nature is calling out to you, it is asking you to go out into nature and let your animal body be wild and free!


  1. I am aligned with my highest purpose.


When you feel connected to the forces of the universe you natural align yourself to your soul’s calling. If you pulled this card you are being called to remember that you are a channel for life force to flow through. Connect to the earth and sky and invoke your highest purpose to serve as a guide, an inspiration and a signpost pointing you in the right direction.


  1. I OWN my feminine power and I do not apologize for being ME


Are you standing true in your authentic self? Are you allowing your light to shine into the world, or are you holding back? Feminine power is not a power over others; it is a deep power that comes from within. If you pulled this card you are being reminded not to shrink yourself into small shapes and to instead walk with grace in the majesty of your fully empowered self.


  1. I make empowered choices that serve what is truly important to me.


If you pulled this card this card you are being invited to use your ‘intention power’ and take the time to reflect what is important to you right now. What do you need to let go of? What do you need to prioritize right now? Tune into your inner knowing and make an empowered choice.


  1. I breathe deeply into my belly and anchor myself in my center.


Your breath has the power to anchor you in your body in the present moment, and connect you back to your inner power. If you pulled this card you are invited to draw a nice deep breath into your belly to nourish yourself with vital life force and ground yourself into your centre.


6.I have the trust and courage to let go of my armor and my fixed ideas.


To be a Divine Warrioress is not to be hardened and uptight. To be strong is not to be closed off to others or to your own feelings. If you pulled this card you are invited to trust in life, and yourself and to find the courage to meet the world with an open heart. Can you be like a tree that bends to the wind and stays strong in its roots?



7.I recognize the absolute perfection of where I am right now.


Everything is unfolding just as it should and no doubt you are doing the absolute best you can right now; there is GREAT POWER in acknowledging this. If you pulled this card, life is asking you to let go of your doubts and your confusion and to rest into the absolute perfection of who you are and where you are, in your life right now.


8.I speak my truth with clarity and an open heart.


Conscious and clear communication is one of the most important skills to develop as a fully activated Wild Sacred Woman. If you pulled this card you may be being asked to reflect if your words are aligned with your heart’s truth. Or perhaps you need to sing or sound and open your throat chakra. The time is NOW to speak your truth!



The Sacred Lover-Sacred Sensuality- Cards 9-16


She is the beauty of our sensual vitality; she is our vibrant sensual expression and our intimate relationship with life through the medium of our bodies. When we activate her Shakti within us then we begin to live and breathe our juiciness. Life becomes a sensual celebration; she takes us beyond technique and into the sacred dance of giving and receiving, of living deeply and loving fully.


9.I smile into my Sexual Palace and connect to my sexual energy as sacred.


The Sexual Palace is one of the Taoist terms used for the sexual organs. If you pulled this card you are being invited to recognize your own sexual organs as Sacred Space, and to receive all the sensations, from numbness to deep pleasure, as gifts from the Goddess. Take a moment now to smile into your sexual organs and visualize/ feel your whole pelvic bowl, vibrating with golden light.


10.I nurture my health and happiness by massaging my breasts with love.


Otherwise known as your ‘bells of love’ your breasts are a manifestation of your feminine essence. If you pulled this card your breasts are reminding you to give them some attention! Simply smile into your breasts and spiral your hands around them, however way feels good. Doing this daily helps to balance your hormones, firm up your breasts and makes you feel incredibly sexy and happy!



11.I TRUST my inner knowing and REST in my feminine essence.


Your feminine knowing is that deep intuitive knowing that you can begin to perceive if you listen deeply inside. If you pulled this card you are invited to take some time to feel into your body and rest deeply into that fluid space of feminine feeling which is your womanly essence.


12.I wholeheartedly celebrate my body exactly the way it is.


Every single woman’s body is a majestic manifestation of Goddess energy; literally the Sacred Feminine in human form! If you pulled this card you are invited to actively celebrate that.

Take a few moments to give thanks for this body of yours. Speak the words ‘ I love myself ‘ three times now, as your rest one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart.


13.I am a succulent sensual woman; I enjoy pleasure as an act of devotion.


Pleasure is your birthright. The Divine Mother wants you to be happy and to experience pleasure, in so many ways. If you pulled this card you are invited to remember that pleasure, if experienced with gratitude and awareness, can be a potent prayer and a profound meditation.



14.My body is a river of sensation and I dive right in.


Feminine meditation is about offering your full awareness to your inner terrain. If you pulled this card you are reminded that your body is full of incredible sensations, so get out of your head and immerse yourself in the incredible experience of being in a woman’s body right now!


15.Time for a Yoni squeeze!


When your pelvic floor is toned then you access your core power, your connection to mama earth, and your reservoir of sexual vitality. If you pulled this card you are being invited to harness your Yoni power! Take a nice deep breath and slowly squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for the count of ten as you inhale. Then exhale slowly as you completely relax all your muscles and smile into your pelvis. Continue for a few breaths and sprinkle in yoni squeezes sporadically through your day.



16.Sigh, soften and Surrender.


If you pulled this card you are invited to return back to your feminine essence through practicing the three Sacred S’s. Take a deep breath now…and let it out with a deep juicy sigh…..then allow your body to soften and take you back into a state of effortless surrender. Ahhhhh!



The Queen of Nourishment- Nourishment- Cards 17-24


This is the aspect of women that is brimming with juiciness and deliciousness. Hers is the medicine of a life of beauty, care and nurture. She inspires us to embrace nourishment in ways that are simple and joyful and easy to incorporate in our daily lives. Modern women are in great need of this yummy medicine, she is what allows us to thrive rather than survive.



17.I connect to the energy of mama earth and breathe it up through my feet to replenish my reserves.


She is the ultimate power source and she is only too happy to offer you a dose of sustenance at any time. If you pulled this card you are invited to make the most of this gracious offer. First become aware of the great reservoir of support and nourishment within the earth, then begin to breathe that energy up through your feet, and imagine/ feel this energy bubbling up into your body. You can also do this as you walk, allowing your feet to kiss the earth as you walk.


18.What do I really need right now?


If you pulled this card you are invited to ‘check in’ with yourself and ask yourself this question, without needing a specific answer. Take a moment to ask the question as you rest your hands on your womb space or heart or belly, and see what happens…


19.I create the time and space to listen to the whispers of my womb.


The Womb space is the best oracle you could have. All you need to connect to the wisdom of your womb is time and intention. If you pulled this card your womb is beckoning to you. She is asking you to spend some ‘womb commune time’. Rest into the womb commune position (lying on your back with knees bent and hands on your womb space) and become receptive to the way she feels and what she may be whispering to you right now.


20.I connect to my creativity through nurturing my ovaries.


Our ovaries are the home of our essential creative energy. If you pulled this card you are invited to ‘LOVE up’ your ovaries, and nurture your creative energies in the process. Place your hands over your ovaries (if you join your thumbs at the navel and let you hands stretch out over your lower belly you will find that your pinky fingers will fall naturally over your ovaries). Imagine your ovaries as golden almonds buzzing with health and vitality. Call on your creative life force through the affirmation ‘ I am an abundant creative woman’ as you smile deeply into your ovaries.



  1. I let go of what drains me, I invite in what truly feeds me.


If you pulled this card you are being invited to reflect on what people, habits and environments are draining your power. Be honest and loving with yourself. What actions do you need to take to protect your energy levels? Do you need to create some healthy boundaries? What truly feeds you and how can you call in more of that?


22.I breathe, I rest, I have all the time in the world.


It is so easy to get into busy mode and forget that everything is moving in its own natural flow. If you pulled this card you are invited to let go of your ‘to do’ list for the moment and remember that Mother Nature is in charge and you have all the time in the world to simply BE.


23.I recharge my batteries by breathing fresh chi into my kidneys.


The kidneys are the ‘batteries’ of the body. Kidney breathing is an ultra potent nourishment practice! If you pulled this card you are invited to place your hands over your kidneys (found on your back underneath the lower ribs) and begin to imagine that you are breathing blue light into your kidneys. Do this whenever you need a nourishment boost!



24.I am deeply supported by all of life.


Yes you are, you are a vital part of the web of life and therefore intimately connected to all that is. This means you can call in support, this means that you can ask for what you need, this means you can allow your self to be supported. If you pulled this card you are invited to TRUST that you are supported and let go of the effort to ‘hold it all together’. Actively practice this now through relaxing your body into the support of the earth beneath you.


Midwife or Transformation- Transformation- Cards 25-32

Midwives must have strength, knowledge, presence and most of all compassion. As midwives of our own transformation we learn the energetic skills to hold ourselves and clear ourselves of the habitual patternings that no longer serve us. By invoking this energy within us we become strong and open enough to ride the waves of life and quite literally birth ourselves into ever greater versions of ourselves.



25.I smile into my body and feel golden shimmering smiling energy transform my mood


The inner smile is a powerful technique that can be used at any time. If you pulled this card then life is asking you to take a moment to smile into your body and nourish yourself with loving energy. You can begin by imagining a golden sun shining into your third eye, then begin to smile and feel a river of golden smiling energy begin to move through your entire body, dissolving tension everywhere it flows.


26.I embrace myself, and life, in all its messiness and glory.


If you pulled this card you are invited to let go of the ‘shoulds’ and just say YES to yourself, with all your many human complexes, habits, fears, issues and imperfections. You are invited to embrace all those things about yourself that you would rather deny, and instead to embrace the unique wonder that is you.


27.I breathe stagnant energy out of my heart with the sound HA and visualize it glowing with rose pink light.


Our hearts are designed to FEEL and can get heavy with unresolved emotions from the past. If you pulled this card you are invited to move and transform any ‘old stuff’ you hold in the heart with the Taoist healing sound HAAAA. So first touch your hand to your heart and create an intention to release anything that you are holding in your heart space, then breathe out with the sound HAA a few times as you imagine stagnant energy draining out of the heart. Then focus on your heart again, imagining it filled with a healing rose pink light as it returns to its natural state of openness.


28.When I am stuck in my head, I shake, I dance, I make sound and come back to my body.


When your life force is flowing freely, then you feel ALIVE. If you pulled this card you are being invited to ‘move it and groove it and sound it’, to use whatever dynamic practice you like to get you swiftly BACK into your body.



29.I gracefully let go of the past with a deep exhale and come back to this present moment.


The past belongs to the past. There is a whole new reality to explore right now, and if you pulled this card you are being invited to accept and honor the past and let it go. Allow the next few exhales to empty you out, and bring you back to the freshness of the present moment.



30.I am aware of the phases of grandmother moon and align my actions    accordingly.


To be in harmony with the cycles of Mother Earth is to be in harmony with our feminine wisdom. If you pulled this card you are being invited to take notice of, and align yourself with, the phases of the moon. Every month the moon takes us on a journey. On the new moon and up to the full moon we can begin new projects and make fresh intentions. On the full moon we can use the energy available to manifest and expand. As the moon wanes we can draw our energy back in and on the dark moon we can ‘go inside’ and prepare for the next cycle.

Where is the moon in its cycle now and how can you align with it?


31.I ride the waves of life with ease and grace.


You are a cosmic surfer; you have an instinctive knowing that allows you to ride gracefully on the waves of life. If you pulled this card you are being invited to trust you have all the wisdom that you need, and simply ENJOY the ride.


32.I am a priestess of the Great Mystery.


You do not need to know all the answers. If you pulled this card you are invited to remember that you are the star in your own amazing life adventure. Can you be devoted to the unfolding ? Are you participating with your full heart? Can you be ok with not knowing what will come next? Can you be a priestess to the Great Mystery?


The Wild Sacred Feminine- Shakti- card 33



33.I am an awesome SHAKTI !


A ‘Shakti’ is a complete embodiment of the Wild Sacred Feminine in human form. That is what you are, and you are an AWESOME Shakti at that! So take a moment to stand strong and proud in your own amazing-ness and fly the flag for Shakti!




















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