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Welcome to Nakedly Unashamed

Dear Beautiful Woman

Know this...

You were not brought to this earth to be perfect!!!

You were brought here to discover and EXPLORE how it is to be LOVE in a womans body, to FEEL the love, and GIVE the love, and SERVE the love!

(And sister...You cannot do this when you are busy feeling shit about yourself)

By joining the Nakedly Unashamed Challenge you are choosing to NOT spend your time feelings shit about who you are.



We are talking about massive, exciting life altering transformation here...

..and this process will involve 2 key elements.

It involves consciously CHOOSING  to create a Shame- Free Self Love paradigm and to KNOW without a doubt that you deserve this


It involves exploring HOW you give yourself a hard time, how you judge yourself, bully yourself and how you get drawn out of the self love and into shame and doubt

This is BIG WORK sisters, this is the work that we will be doing TOGETHER as a sisterhood. In the Nakedly Unashamed 28 day challenge we will be supporting each other to do this work of fearless exploration and radical transformation

We need each other , why?

A word about Shame...

It is powerful! and the body shame program so many women have playing out in us, has the power to dim out light, drain our life juice, and disconnect us from our feminine power.

But Love , is more powerful.

Together we will be holding a collective space of loving support so that we may find the clarity we need to disconnect from the body shame story ( and ANY way that you are held back by feelings of shame) and connect back to LOVE, to unconditional self acceptance,and to live from there.

This is radical, this is beautiful..

IMPORTANT POINT -When we feel disconnected from sisterhood the negative thought forms THRIVE and when we feel loved and supported, then from that space, we can make empowered choices about how we want to live and what we wish to believe.

Thank you for entering in and saying YES to this group empowerment!!

The world needs more juicy confident satisfied and fulfilled women!!!!

So lets BE them and support other women to join us!

This is how the NAKEDLY UNASHAMED process will work...

First watch the instruction video ( below)  to explain more about the process and then find below other materials designed to support your process.

More tips, tricks and inspiration will be added to the page through out the month and we will have some Temple Meetings and Group meditations also( see below and updates on the page).

Engage with the group- The Fb page is your place to share and get the support that you need, use it!

​Now here is a bit about me and why i am leading this...

My name is Sonja Shradha Devi, most people call me Shradha, which means faith. I am in love with seeing women unearth their feminine power. I am dedicated to assisting this process in any way i can.I work as a priestess healer coach and writer and hold rituals and other containers for healing and transformation for women and couples. When i got the idea to create THIS process Life provided me with all the angels that i needed to bring it through. As with all things i trust that all this is divinely guided and i am choosing to TRUST the guidance coming through me and that you are here, reading this, you have been called here for a reason​. Thank you for answering the call!

Also…..Please understand that i am a woman like you!!

I struggle with my own stuff, but i have also successfully become NAKEDLY UNASHAMED of who i am. I live that and breathe that, and dance that, and i am sharing some of the processes that help me, every single day to say YES to being ME without shame.

Know that every small step we make to embodying our truth is a great thing and that sisterhood makes this possible.







In this meditation i share a powerful Taoist Technique for Transformation- the inner smile. And this meditation will activate an experience of deep self appreciation.​​

In the same way that you can activate the body shame story through negative thoughts and life patterns, you can also invite in the opposite, that of unconditional self regard. This is what this meditation will facilitate for you.

Listen in HERE 

This is from my Wild Sacred Feminine Meditation Recordings ( follow the link for more Sacred Sensual and Deep Nourishment Meditations for Women).


In this short sequence you will be guided to EMBODY your intention for self love. you can do this before/ after the meditation or as a stand alone practice.


Shame is a very strong vibration, and because we are consciously working with releasing this energy it really helps to make sure that we are feeling supported both by eachother and the unseen forces of the universe. Whether your believe in guides, guardians, angels, or just the fact that you have ancestors who you are still connected to, know that there are supportive energies that you can call upon. To facilitate this process i encourage you to create your own evening prayer. One that feels good to you and speaks to you, a prayer in which you either humbly ask for balance and support on all levels, or simply feel into the vibration of balance, harmony and support and imbibe that.

THE PROCESS-10 minutes before going to sleep, please light a candle and meditate by it and speak your prayer. This practice will really help the process of moving beyond shame to feel smooth and supported.

Whenever doing any practices -Treat it like your trip to your inner sacred temple…


Ok just to sum up the process again, there are 3 components of how you will engage with this challenge;


By being here you are dedicating yourself to self acceptance and appreciation, to be nakedly unashamed of your body and who you are as you are. The morning body beauty meditation and the other practices will activate this and it is up to YOU to keep this spirit of self love alive, to nurture it, protect it and feed it, both for yourself and the other women in the course. This is a discipline girls! You are going to gently remind yourself ‘ No. i am going to love myself instead’ when you notice that you have fallen off track…​


You are committing to exploring your inner dialogue and all other aspects of how you have created, and are creating your life. Simply enquire, notice, study your thoughts, feelings and what experiences you are attracting.​


As your self awareness increases you will begin to notice choice points, where you can either do what your always did or choose to support yourself. You will begin to notice when you are judging, denying or bullying yourself that you have the option to be loving instead…like you would with anyone that you love! When ‘stuff’ arises you are going to hold a loving space for yourself to feel your feelings without judgement. This is going to be a work in progress, but your meditation practice and the support of your sisters will help the process and i will share more about how to hold space for yourself over the month.


Lighten your load through frequent sharing of your experience. Share frequently your highs and lows, successes and fuck ups. This is a group project, we are all like little lab rats observing ourselves ( lovingly) and sharing our findings ( and liberating shame in the process..).​

Try and get into a habit of sharing what comes up for you, allow yourself to be supported!! Also, journal on what you are noticing and experiencing.​


The FB group is your forum to connect. Please hold a space of respect for your sister’s sharings and keep whatever is shared confidential. It is up to all of us to create a safe virtual space so that we can use this forum as a container for transformation. Treat it like a temple space, where all that is shared is sacred and deeply honored. All of our words are offerings to truth and love and everything is welcome as long as it is offered in this spirit. If you feel that any woman is not communicating in alignment with these principles please let me know.

Tips and tricks for healing the old patterns of body shame will be revealed over the course of the month so check out the DAILY MESSAGES BELOW.


Please keep in mind sisters! If big stuff comes up for you, often this is a good sign!!( it means stuff is coming up to be healed) BUT..that means you are going to need more support!!!


I really recommend combining this program with LOTS of pampering and nourishing movement and time in nature.. Also…if you can can get some hands on healing and/or massage during this time then that will really help the process to be as supported and potent as possible.​

Do not underestimate your need for care as you do this deep work. I am available for Skype healing sessions if you would like support from me personally.

Additional Nakedly Unashamed Group Meditations and Links to the Webinars.

  • Welcome to the field of support meditation-Download Here
  • New Moon Ritual Download HERE
  • 4 keys to living Shame Free Webinar Download HERE
  • Full moon Ritual
  •  Q and A Closing  Webinar Download HERE
  • Closing Message Download HERE

Day 1

Thank you for showing up sister! I bow down to the part of you that felt scared and decided to go forth in the direction of change and self acceptance anyway!

My intention is for us to CONTINUE to all feel safe and fully supported throughout the process and the ' Plugging in to the field of support' Meditation (find the link below ) which i recorded as the sun rose over the palm trees this morning is designed to plug us all in energetically to facilitate this process.

Yes you will all be doing this at different times in different parts of the world but you WILL be plugging into the same energetic field, i suggest you do this today if you can.

Over the next days i will be speaking more about how we can ' hold space' for ourselves and each other so that we can continue to feel safe as we explore ourselves and reveal ourselves to each other..But for now..

1. Get to know the daily practices and make a plan how and where you will bring them into your daily routine.

2.Follow the link for the 'Plugging in to the field of support' Meditation


3.Breathe deeply, be gentle with yourself, honour yourself for taking your first steps!

​DAY 2

Dear Sisters, well i continue to be super touched and awed at what you are all bringing with honesty and pure intention.

I applaud each and every courageous sharing.

I feel like we are all placing our offerings of our truth into a sacred fire, instead of letting it stew inside of us, speaking it gives it air, gives it space. Invites in healing.

Being honest enough to say 'i hurt!' is so powerful, we come out of hiding, into the wildness of what is REALLY going on...

As we witness eachtothers offerings we can see that we are not alone, we are not freaks, we are not inherently wrong or tainted. In fact we are FULL FEELING WOMEN, brave enough to feel the entire spectrum of emotions, and indeed as women there is so much emotional terrain to explore...

I personally have received SO much comfort and healing through sharing my shame and hurt in loving spaces, having said that i am conscious that this is strong material we are sharing, and i know from experience that the path of healing is full of dips and dives, expansions and contractions. I want to remind you that at times in this month you will feel elated, other times you will have drops that feels deeper and darker than ever. I would love for us to admit this to ourselves and each other as this comes up.

Also it is super powerful to OWN our shit and continue to hold ourselves in a loving space as all the "stuff' comes up and through. As i indicated in the 2nd commitment, i would love for us to study our experience, the textures, the habit patterns, let us unpack and poke through what we felt were static and hopeless patterns, lovingly..

Here are a couple of guidelines for sharing with minimum freak outs.

1. If you feel unsafe, that is the time to self soothe and GROUND, once the unsafe feelings pass, please share then about your experience.

2. After you write your posts spend some moments in heart womb mudra just affirming that you are safe and loved. let of of the need for your post to be responded to and affirmed in any way.

3.Take time to connect to nature everyday and imagine that your shame( and only if you feel to..) our collective shame, is washing out of you.

Gaze at big trees and feel their great roots, feel our collective field of support, You can visualise  OUR COLLECTIVE FIRE OF LOVE BURNING UP WHAT WE NO LONGER NEED.

4.,TRUST in the infinite beautiful mystery of life unfolding through you.

Day 3

Dear sisters, today i feel moved to speak about ' the little girl'.

The little girl that each and every one of us has inside of us. You know the one..the one that is deeply in need of reassurance that she is ok, the little girl that does not feel like she is enough.

I know that a big part of my journey to be nakedly unashamed has involved getting deeply intimate with her. And to learn to reassure here and accept her.

As we walk this path together this month, exploring shame, exploring what holds us back from feeling totally ok about ourselves and our bodies, our little girls are going to be showing up big time.

I encourage you to invite her into your exploration, notice when the little girl is present, notice what kinds of stories she tells you, what habits you play out to avoid feeling her pain.

Explore how YOU can give her the love and feelings of safety that she needs.

Personally i speak to my little girl, i soothe her with words like' oh you are freaking out right now aren't you honey, awww'. I do not judge or ignore her, instead i make space to have a little cry, or whatever else is needed.

Try it.

Keep sharing what you find as you look below the surface!

Big hugs to you all

Day 4

Dear ​sisters, sending huge love to you all, i am surrendering to the fact that my energy has hit a wall, i wonder if this is collective, i know for myself that often in the process of transformation i feel drained before i actually feel good. 

I would love for us to share what helps US to deal with things when we are over whelmed, what is your magic trick for coming back to a sense of feeling balanced in yourself ? What 'Non-Negotiable' life support habits have you put in place to help you to stay nourished and connected? What do you do to give the medicine you need to yourself, instead of seeking it from outside of yourself?

We learn so much from each other , and we learn SO much from the corners that our self shaming squeezes us  into. Please share the jewels of wisdom from your own experience, however small.

Also , i have a proposal, tomorrow is the dark moon, ​the Non-Negotiable that i have put into place is the Dark moon Detox.  I do this every dark moon ( unless i have commitments in which case i just switch it to a day before or after) on my dark moon Detox day i have a DIGITAL DETOX ( as in NO INTERNET or at least the absolute minimum) and i personally do a juice fast and go into silence. Obviously not everyone is able to do this, but you can create you own version to it. I use my dark moon day to DIGEST  MY MONTH. Gosh it helps SO much. I use the time to connect to myself and reflect on where i am at. 

What ever your life situation allows , i encourage you to have your own style of dark moon detox this month

. And use the time to meditate and reflect MAKE  YOUR PLAN FOR WHAT THIS WILL LOOK LIKE FOR YOU NOW! 

Day 6

New Moon Meditation

A meditation empowerment to do either in the evening or early morning, you will be guided to tap into our shared field of support and the creative power of your womb and ovaries to create your seeds of intention and energise the energy of TRUST throughout your being.

 Click HERE to listen Enjoy!

Dear ladies

I often find that the most powerful thing that we can do is STOP. And that is the deep call that i answered yesterday. And it was sweet relief on one hand and also in that space of listening within i witnessed alot coming up in my consciousness to be cleansed, i had weird dreams and old fears arise. Fortunately i know how to BE with myself and TRUST that everything is unfolding as it should, my old fears arising do not need to MEAN anything, it is just old stuff moving through.

Also from years of working with women in groups i know that through 'signing up' to engage in a process together , that we are literally calling in this cleansing and renewing process.I am always amazed at how much is going on under the surface.

I deeply hope that you are continuing with the practices (at the bottom of this page  and including your evening prayer.

This process only happens through you showing up for yourself and that is a discipline!

Fortunately with the new moon in Capricorn today, we have got that kind of determined goat like energy available to us right now.


 big love to each and every one of you in this field of feminine support. Blessings on your beautiful self, Blessings on your beautiful self , waking up to the beauty that you are.

Day 7

Yesterday I spoke with a sister on the phone and had a good belly laugh about the situations we have manifested in our lives that fall short of how we think it should look.

Gosh I am always amazed at how hard things feel when they are in your head and how different it feels when you offer them up in a loving space, where everyone can go awwww!! Look at us!!BLESS us!

That’s what we did , we blessed ourselves for being such full feeling beings. We forgave ourselves!! We forgave the situations that we have in our lives we said ‘ oh well’ and ‘fuck it’ and took it less seriously for a bit.

I am certainly the kind of person who takes everything SO seriously, so I make sure I welcome in these moments. I make sure I step back from the situation, and look lovingly at myself like I would at a small child who is doing her very best and yet still struggling..

What can I say? It does not seem that life was designed to be easy, and we are all far from perfect, lets accept it, that’s the first step.

Keep on going, and have a little giggle at yourself xx

ps- The pic below is from a beautiful brother of mine, a powerful and amazing man who knows that the most powerful thing we can do is accept ourselves, as we are, now.


Dear sisters, today i wanted to share this picture of the lotus in my lotus pond this morning.

Look how yummy decadently unashamed she is as she moves up from the mud towards the light.

And the question for today is WHAT AM I CHOOSING?

As we move into week 2 i feel it is a good time to step up our self enquiry (commitment 3) and to notice where we are giving our energy and attention .

Especially when deep insecurities and fears come up for me ( like ' will i always be alone??') then i like to ask myself this question..what am i choosing to believe ? Where am i directing my energy? Am i choosing to see myself as a hopeless case? am i choosing to hold onto an old view of myself? am i choosing to be the victim? or am i choosing to be open to a whole new way of being? am i choosing to move towards the mud or the sun? Am i choosing to hold myself lovingly as i move there?

We are working with intense issues here, shame is probably as heavy as it gets..but within that, there are lots of opportunities to engage with our process in a new way.

To let ourselves be the flower, and to open to receive the light of the sun ( your own loving heart).

Be a flower

So much love xx

Day 9

Dear sisters,

Thank you for all your inspiring sharings, i feel the magic of this cauldron loving support we have created together. Thank you to those who are posting and those who are quietly observing and participating in other ways.

Today i would like to share one of my prayers, for myself, and for all women, , these words wake me up to my deepest intentions in life and then i do all i can to live in alignment with these deep intentions. But that looks different all the time… sometimes i let myself curl up and whimper for a while, sometimes i go for a big walk and hug trees, sometimes i eat chocolate and watch tacky movies ' loving ourselves' looks different all the time..i just wanted to let you know that…this is more about being ok with why is going on than trying to make ourselves different.

I claim a life of wonder and beauty
I deep dive into the mystery of my own self
and shine the light on that which is not love
I explore and express and release my shame, and the shame of my mother, and my mothers mother...
I invite in an authentic devotional relationship to the masculine that is not based on the past
I invite in the full expression of who i am as a sensual empowered woman
I let myself be messy and lost and found, and everything in between, on my unique path of self discovery
I allow myself to continually let go of ideas and concepts that limit my ability to give, receive and BE love
I say yes to a life of deep fulfilment, intimacy and radical self love

More about the art of radical self love here in an article if wrote for a dear sisters blog …Click HERE 

Day 10

We are intimately connected

Today i would like to remind you something that you already know, if not consciously, somewhere deep inside of you. And that is that we share this path of growth, our stories may be different , but essentially they are the same.

The more in touch you become with the naked truth of your story, the more you begin to tap into the collective pain that we all carry.
So this means that when big intense emotions come up, you can acknowledge that they are NOT JUST YOURS, and also , there is nothing you need to DO with them. Just let what arises arise, and support your self a lot in the process.

If it is EVER too much, go and place your hands on the earth and ' give the energy back' or ask someone you trust for a nice big hug.

TRUST the intelligence that lives inside of you.
KNOW that you will not be given more than you can handle, take it moment by moment. I know that i freak out the most when i start to think 'oh no it is going to be this intense forever!' no it won't, everything passes through in time.

I hope this helps, i am so touched by every single sharing, keep it up, so beautiful to feel this web of support, we truly are all intimately connected in the sisterhood.

Thanks for 'going there'. Deep bows xxxxx

Day 11

Dear sisters.

Today i would like to remind you how revolutionary and important the work that you are doing is. Often our shame story is carried down through our lineage, and often the shame goes explored and unhealed and so then passes on down to the next generation to deal with.

By ' signing up' to look at this and explore this and heal this you are inviting in the possibility that the shame stops here, with you, and does not have to be passed down to be experienced over and over.


So even though i know that all along the way we may continue to struggle with the heavy feelings of self doubt and judgement, that actually by bringing our attention to the process, already we are healing and evolving, not just for us but for all the women in our lineage, and all those who we encounter.

'Knowing your why' is the first key to living shame free ( i share more about this and the other 3 keys on the webinar on saturday). When we know WHY we are committing to moving beyond the shame , and that we do this not just for ourselves, but all women, then this helps us to stay on track ( thats how it is for me anyway).

If you feel to, please SHARE with your sisters WHAT IS YOUR WHY? What motivates you to do the inner work of transformation?

So keep on smiling into your own heart and reminding yourself that you are doing good, just be being here and committing it is already bold and profound, and it gets easier and easier to live shame free the more you get used to choosing love and compassion, believe me.

DAY 12


These are 2 juicy subjects which i feel are deeply tied in with the shame issue.

The last couple of days i have been feeling an old familiar sense of sadness. The sadness has felt like a low-lying virus, holding sway over my feeling of being. When i really felt into it i felt like a little girl, a little girl who feels hopeless. And when i have felt into it more, i noticed a sense of feeling like a failure. As some of the women so eloquently explored in a thread, we tend to feel identified with what we DO in the world, if we are 'successful' we are worthy, if we are not, it is so easy to feel like a failure.

I see the connection between the feelings of adequacy of the little girl, and the women who feels like she needs validation from the world to be deemed worthy.

Yesterday this felt strong in me, probably triggered by what i am stepping into, exposing myself more etc . And i found what really helped was to IDENTIFY these feelings and spend a little time ALLOWING myself to really feel it, also to EXPRESS IT ( to a sister i have with me here).

I wanted to share about these subjects as i know that these kinds of feelings often have us feeling like we are the ONLY person in the world who feels it. In fact these feelings come up in waves for all of us. And when we hold this experience with compassion, it moves through.

Sending our waves of loving compassion to each and every one of you, feel free to share about this subject if this will help you to shift the hold of these feelings in you.

DAY 13


Hey ladies, thank you for those staying on for the ride. I know it can be a bumpy one, and so easy to get distracted or fall into old patterns.

But i want to remind you that when we are spending our energy on believing that we are not good enough, that this sucks our life force and blocks us from accessing our FEMININE POWER.

OUR FEMININE POWER IS OUR ABILITY TO EMBODY LOVE AND RADIATE LOVE and we cannot do that when we are not being loving to ourselves.

It is this love vibration we have been activating in the Body Beauty Meditation. I hope you have been feeling the effects of this quality of love and brightness in your being when you shine the light of loving acceptance into yourself.

And when you begin to relax into yourself do you notice that the world around your responds? Do you notice that when you feel at peace with yourself that this magnifies out into the world around you.

Have you noticed that letting go of self shaming enables you to shine your light brighter? Even if these moments are short lived, have you had them?

I will be talking about all this and more in TODAYS WEBINAR and go into much more detail about the steps we can take to let go of the old programs and into the real life moment by moment experience of unconditional self acceptance.


DAY 14

TAKE A REST GIRLS (thats what i am doing)

Sit back and enjoy the SHAME FREE WEBINAR HERE

DAY 15

Dear sisters

As we move into our third week of commitment to self love and cultivating a shame free reality i encourage you to keep your devotion alive and your intentions clear.

Today i want you to recall a time when you felt really good about yourself, we all have these moments of self appreciation , even if few and far between , and these moments should be celebrated. They show us the way forward.

Today i want to offer you a task which i have found to be a great practice for overcoming low self confidence.

And that is to list 3 unique qualities that you have, however great or small.

Recognizing the worth of what we have helps us stand stronger in who we are.

Feel free to share your unique qualities , or your resistance to doing this task:)

So much love


DAY 16

The message for today is...

Day 17

Dear sisters

Ahh…so i had a intense moment of over whelm yesterday, felt totally unsupported. Felt anger and rage and despair..

At times like this i know i have to GO SLOW and self soothe.

I had a Skype with my dear sister across the world and cried with frustration and sadness.

Then i sat in a hammock and read a novel and breathed.

Today all is well, my website is miraculously working again, i feel ready and willing to go forward again.

My question for your today is




Please reflect and share with the group

Much Love to all


DAY 18

Dear sisters

First of all THANK YOU.

I feel you all, and honour the supportive energies you are bringing to this forum.

I continue to feel a sense of being lost amidst alot of 'too much' and also feel a sense of surrender to ' not knowing'.

Letting go of control, how courageous we need to be to do this.




For myself , one way i find to let go, is to ' hand over' my issues to a higher power. Recently i wrote a list of all the things i was confused about and put it on my goddess alter.

And this morning, i chanted to Sariswati, for knowledge and wisdom and Durga, for strength and clarity.

For me this really helps, to give it all a greater context and call upon the goddess qualities in myself.

Here is a pic of one of the goddesses i pass on my evening walks through the paddy fields...

Please reflect and share about the areas of your life where you have been able to find more ease and spaciousness and more trust.

Thank you!

So much love

DAY 19

Dear sisters

Today i remember why i choose to promote a shame free existence

It is because i am passionate about sharing my deep admiration for the embodied feminine. I truly feel we all have access to this magic, and that this is a life choice; to recognise the beauty and draw our awareness out of our heads and into the energetic reality of our bodies.

Today i would love for you to share WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT BEING IN A WOMANS BODY.

And i hope you enjoy the article HERE for inspiration:)

Thank you!

So much love

DAY 20

Dear sisters,

As you probably know, there is such much energy available when the full moon is at its peak. So this month , or the following months…ii invite you to invite the full moon energy to activate your deep intentions for radical self love and acceptance.

I chose for this to not be recorded so you can just read this and then adapt it the ritual for yourself and play with it. I personally find that creating my own small rituals are very powerful and supportive even if they are very simple. As with all ritual , the important thing is to FFEL IT…deeply…and trust your own ability to be a priestess for yourself.

Here is the basic description of the meditation,


If you can, go and stand somewhere with a view of the moon. Of course it is great if you can stand on the earth, but do what you can. Also if you cannot see the moon, you can visualise it.

Begin by placing your hands on your heart and feeling your heart shining with love.

Look at the moon, and feel the moon shining with light.

Begin to breathe deeply

Call upon the light of the moon to flow through you and feed all the parts of you that need love.

Then begin to use your hands to draw the moon energy down to bathe your body, imagine you are literally washing yourself with the moons brightness. Bathe your whole body until you feel your whole body shining with light and the love of the universe.

At this point you can make a personal prayer and intention.

If you can spend some time meditating and/or dancing under the moonlight after your meditation moon bath.


Much Love

DAY 21

Dear Sisters


This is a track that rocks my world, listen to it HERE


I totally recommend NOT watching this , but listen to it, at full volume and dance like no one is watching.

On this journey of coming back to a sense of feeling completely whole and connected to our inner wellspring of LOVE, it helps to keep on remembering to ask yourself how committed are you to love? are you so committed that you will keep on choosing to accept yourself as you are?


We can only share what we already have…

So how deep is your love?

Could you dig a bit deeper to find that connection to yourself?

Could you be radical and passionate about your decision to accept yourself?

Thank you for being apart of this exploration of how we can embody love, the world needs us!

DAY 23

Dear sisters..

It makes me so happy to witness and feel the loving field of support that you are all holding for each other. Through holding each other with unconditional love, we learn to hold ourselves with that same sweetness and understanding.

Essentially we are learning to feel safe and whole once again. Here in Bali i watch the balinese, i see how grounded they are in a sense of connection. I feel like we are creating that sense of deep connection that we have lost. We are re learning how it is to be deeply loved and accepted. It is work in progress, thank you for doing that work:)

What helps me to stay within that sense of connection is to develop a relationship with my own womb space…i spend LOTS of time 'tuning into my womb' over time this has created a beautiful 'go to place' for me to receive comfort and access a sense of connection. I find that through my own womb space i am able to access the 'collective womb'.


This 28 day process is coming to an end sisters…please take some moments to reflect where you are AT, check in with your womb and LOVE where you are at...

​Unconditional self acceptance is your birth right!!!

Day 26

Dear sisters.

However you have been involved, either totally committed or very semi committed, i am grateful that you showed up and i would love for you to feel like you are leaving with some gems in your pocket and love in your heart.

My morning practice is what saves me, each and every day , and allows me to live as a juicy shakti- filled woman, so i have created the Shakti Flows Morning Practice Series  to offer you that experience too, go HERE for more.

And 'see' you on the Webinar HERE

Would you like to have a yummy feminine morning practice which meets your deepest needs as a woman???

The SHAKTI FLOWS- MORNING PRACTICE SERIES offer you the opportunity to be guided to create Goddess Temple Space in your own home and learn a wide range of Yogic, Taoist and Tantric Techniques for Feminine Vitality. 

Find out more HERE​



This is the service I provide because I am super aware of how much we need space holders to help us birth our graceful movements to 'the next level'

(also I am kind of addicted to witnessing women embracing their power..)

It sends a thrill all the way through me to midwife women into their potential in a way that is honoring to their deepest needs.

I know how to feel into what may be blocking you, and help you to move through that, so contact me if you are interested in a coaching program or one off session.