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Things to do in the yoni-verse

Posted by on May 9, 2013

Oh my! What a multi dimensional and multi orgasmic terrain there is to be discovered in the sexual organs of woman!

Unfortunately many women are not as intimate with this terrain as they could be…

Many women leave the explorations of this area to other people, yet what a fulfilling and enlightening journey it is to journey through ones own yoni-verse…


For those who have not yet cottoned on….’yoni’ is an ancient name for vagina, but more than that, yoni often refers to all of the female sexual organs, but more importantly than that, yoni is a Sanskrit word that means sacred space.


Generally modern women are not raised to approach their sexual organs as sacred space.


Some women speak about their yonis as ‘down there’. Others mindlessly stimulate their yonis in order to gain a fleeting respite from otherwise unremarkable lives. Others allow men to enter their sacred space without reverence or respect.


All of this indicates a sad state of affairs for human kind, fortunately though…yoni as sacred space is BACK (or rather it is being reclaimed) and women are finding that there are wonderful ways to celebrate their sexuality and evoke the sacred all at the same time.


Exploring the yoni-verse


Like many women I did not take the time to really get to know myself sexually, I left that to the men that I was with. Fortunately my path has brought me to discover the many wonderful tools and techniques of Tao Tantra to help me to cultivate and celebrate my sexual energy and pilgrimage through my own ‘yoni-verse’.



Tantra and Taoism originate from India and China back in the day when these cultures had a deep understanding of the power and preciousness of sexual energy. Both of these systems merge sexuality and spirituality through alchemical meditative practices that utilize our energetic pathways and capacity for feeling.


Women are such sensual, full- feeling creatures, rather than trying to transcend this we can utilize this. Our journeys in the yoni verse can be a meditation and our sexual energy becomes cosmic fuel for divine union.


Tantric and Taoist sexual practices aim to transform raw sexual energy into refined spiritual energy. The Tao Tantric arts, a fusion of these systems, offer us feminine practices guide us to heal, activate and celebrate our sexual organs and use our sexual energy as fuel to invite more pleasure, intimacy, energy, health and joy into all areas of our lives.


And these practices, rather than being complex and difficult feats to execute, are rather very sweet, yummy ways to worship our own sweet selves and activate our infinite potential as radiant empowered succulent women.


Here are some of the basic ingredients of a Tao Tantric journey in the yoni-verse




To move from mindless masturbation to meditative self-cultivation we use our intention power, that is, our conscious wholehearted attention and awareness. When every single part of us is fully attentive to the sensations of our bodies with a relaxed and loving and reverent attitude, then the subtle life of the body has a chance to reveal itself to us, and our sexual experience becomes our meditation and our prayer.


It all begins with a little smile.


All good Tao tantric explorations should begin with a smile. The foundational Taoist practice of the inner smile involves sending warm loving smiling energy from the Wild Sacred Femininethird eye down into the body. With our intention power we can direct this golden loving smiling energy down into our yoni to completely fill up our sexual organs with the vibration of love. We can literally drink up this loving resonance into our cells, transforming the blockages, the fears, the old ‘stuff’ and past traumas we carry in our sexual organs.


Get to know your sexual terrain


If you are not yet aware of the anatomical details of your ‘sexual palace’ (aka your yoni) then I encourage you to do some research and get to know your bits. A great way to travel through your sexual anatomy is to go on a meditative exploration visualizing the different areas and awakening the energy there with sound and movement.


As the old Taoist adage goes;


Chi flows where attention goes…


And as Shashi Solluna one of the founders of the Tao Tantra movement says; ‘Shakti (our feminine life force energy) awakens in the presence of love and awareness’


Loosen your jaw, free up the energy in your pelvis


For example, focus your awareness at your ovaries, then make a spontaneous sound almost like you are vibrating them with your voice. Then move the awareness down to the uterus (womb space) and do the same- continue like this all around your sexual terrain. As you go be sure to loosen up your jaw and relax, the jaw and the yoni are linked, but don’t take my word for it- check it out for yourself!


Move it, groove it, and LOVE it !


But don’t stop there! You can also bounce your sacrum on the ground and stir up the energy locked up in your sacrum, then spiral that energy through the sexual organs, there are no rules- just follow your pleasure! Play with squeezes, undulations, sipping, awaken the energy like a creative sensual explorer…and SMILE into the energy that awakens, meet it as the gift of the goddess that it is.


Then orbit it!


Once you have gathered some sexual energy move it through the multi-orgasmic orbit, this is the energy highway of the body and a key skill in the Tao Tantric box of tricks.


When our energy pathways are open we become receptive to orgasmic energy in our daily lives, not just in the bedroom. When we unlock the blockages in our sexual organs we begin to feel more energized, creative and fulfilled.


If this all sounds good…make a point of spending some quality time with your yoni. Create the supportive conditions for loving self-exploration and invite in the right mentors and partners who will support you to reclaim your intimate relationship with your sexuality in a beautiful loving way!


Make your sexuality a prayer and a portal to accessing your
deep feminine power and radiance.


Gather with other women in sacred space, on womens retreats and workshops, to journey together with the added support of sisterhood.


Most importantly…enjoy your journey, respect the incredible power of feminine sexual energy and reclaim your own sexual organs, as sacred space.


Bon Voyage!


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