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The Sister Circle Revolution

Posted by on Dec 6, 2013

Without regular gatherings with sisters, personally, I think I would go insane…

Really! I have no idea how anyone could survive let alone thrive without the opportunity to get wild, be heard and be held in the loving presence of sisterhood.

In fact I write this as I revel in the after glow of one of those gatherings. I love how these circles can take countless forms, but how they nearly always, strip us down to our most basic parts and then rebuild us into fresh wonderful forms.

The circle I have just come from was particularly wild; we put music on and went on an ecstatic journey of transformational breathing, we laughed, wailed, screamed, shook, bounced our sacrum’s on the ground, and most of all, we let go!

It was amazing! And I left feeling loved, supported, inspired and at peace.


It may not always look as wild as this…

Sometimes just sitting in a circle and sharing where we are at is just as powerful as dancing around in ecstatic bliss.

Whatever form a sister circle takes; no doubt women have always done it.

Conjure up in your minds eye…. middle eastern women gathering to belly dance, women squatting over stoves in kitchens across India, Aboriginal women gathering to do ‘womens work’, Gypsy women, Business women, mothers, sisters, aunties, knitting, singing, dancing, grieving, celebrating, praying….


The power of the circle

Despite the fact that gathering with women with a shared intention is as old as the hills, it is still in fact, totally revolutionary, every single time. And in my experience, we always gather in a circle.

The circle is a symbol of the feminine, in circle we are all equals, in circles energy flows and it acts like a container for energy to build. A circle is pretty much the polar opposite to the hierarchical model we see in corporations. When we gather like this we are not out to get something or achieve something, we come to BE, we come to go deep, we come to honour the sacred in ourselves, in each other, in life.

The sister circle offers us the opportunity to be heard

In a sister circle there is always time for women to share and speak their story. Through being witnessed in a loving and non judgemental space remarkable healings can occur naturally..

If we have a problem and we keep to ourselves, if we let it stew in our own cramped head space, it seems to get bigger, and heavier and it exerts more power over us.

Yet if we air it out, if we share it to the circle, when it is witnessed with love, it has the chance to transform. The container of the circle allows us to release any  unexpressed emotions that might be keeping our problems in place. When we share to the circle, we gain insight, we gain courage, we transform and grow together.

In a circle of unconditional support magical things happen

I have seen countless women arrive tired/scared/confused and bounce out shining, excited about their lives and clear about their plans. And I have certainly been one of those women on more than one occasion….


Change agent

Once I came to a new moon sister circle feeling really down, I was really unhappy in the house that I was living in and had been looking for a new home for months. I showed up and although I only knew one or two of the women in the circle I felt safe enough to share my story. It was a relief to let it out and I left feeling infinitely better than when I had arrived.

Then the next morning I received a call….the perfect little cabin appeared out of nowhere! When my relationship to my ‘problem’ had shifted then this appeared to ricochet out into the material world and I was able to attract a wonderful new opportunity. This is not an unusual case. This is modern magic and we are natural witches, what else is a witch than a wise woman?

Together we are truly powerful


Truly I bow down to the power of the circle and the willingness of women to share their hearts yearnings and their souls whispers, I truly feel that our gatherings light a fire that is transforming this world. May the circles grow and grow. May our feminine wisdom guide us on our way and may the dreaming that we create be the subtle fabric that weaves a new vision of harmony on this earth.

The dalai lama(who couldn’t really be more plugged in could he?) hit the nail on the head when he spoke of western women being the ones who would change the world.

These changes are often visioned, catalyzed and birthed in circles.

If you do not yet have your regular sister circle, then gather a sister or 2 and create one!

And check out my workshops and retreats to have a taste of this for yourself


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