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The only way out is in

Posted by on Jan 20, 2014

The big secret is that the only way out really is in.

I certainly was not taught this is school, but what I have found is that there is a goldmine of wisdom nestled in my body. Right there in the cavern of my womb space, in the palace of my yoni, in the mysterious depths of my feeling life…

I did not know this, until life was kind enough to take me on a conscious foray into the mystery of my feminine being. And the good news is that all women have this within them waiting to be accessed and celebrated…

This has been the big game changer for me; now that I feel connected, and bow down to, the wisdom I find from within, I am happily ensconced in a world of depth, beauty and magic which takes place somewhere in the crossing point of my body and all the worlds seen and unseen.

And it is a living wonder.

A living wisdom that reveals itself, over and over, moment by moment, as long as I just keep on listening……

And now that I have discovered this wild inner terrain i cannot help but reflect sometimes…. why oh why are women not given road maps for ‘the way in’?

Could it be just that as indigenous earth based wisdom became increasingly ignored that the way to the wisdom within was forgotten? Or that it has been hidden as a way to suppress the ridiculously potent force of wild feminine energy?

Who knows? And at the end of the day, who cares? What is important is that it has can never be truly lost and this is what I seek to share, in any way I can; That the Sacred Feminine is alive and well right there within us.

Yes she is! Even if we run about depleting our energy rather than nurturing it, and even if we endlessly focus on the blah blah in our heads rather than the whispers from within, even then! All the while this feminine knowing is nestled in the honey pots of our wombs and she is in our ovaries teeming with the impulse for creativity waiting to be uleashed.

The thing is that if we do take the time to listen, we receive the full whammy of her bounty.

Once we take the time to get out of our heads and notice what is moving in us, whispering to us and guiding us through the subtle messages of our inner world and the aliveness of our sexual energy, we find that there is so much available to us!  Like an inbuilt GPS system, helping us to navigate our personal inner truths. With a power source behind it that is connected to the source of friggin everything !

Oh yes!

She is continually guiding us and teaching us to resource ourselves from her own internal source of inspiration and power.

She shows us how to embrace life in all its glorious messiness and encourages us to cherish ourselves as we are rather than the way we think we should be.

And she shows her face in the potent force of our sexual energy.

And now the new science just goes and confirms what we find once we begin to visit the lost parts of ourselves and activate the energy that was either stuck or dormant and clogging up our life force in our sexual anatomy…yep the new science in feminine sexuality has recognized the connection of our vaginas (in other words our yoni’s-a much more yummy word) with our brains. And it has been found that when we activate our sexual energy we activate those parts of the brain connected to empowerment, creativity and, very interestingly, our sense of self.

Anyone who has begun to approach their own sexual energy with reverence and awareness finds this process in action. Once we begin to recognize our natural sexiness and capacity for deep feeling as an expression of the Sacred Feminine, then the transcendent and deeply empowering quality that is so intrinsic in sexual energy and natural sensual expression is rediscovered.


Recently I have been inspired and enthralled by Naomi Woolfe’s awesome must-read book ‘Vagina’ which is a bit like a scientific, physiological, historical and sociological expose on feminine sexuality; It provides the good solid science (that some people seem to like) which confirms what the ancient sciences of Tantra and Taoism have recognised for centuries- which is that feminine sexuality is a potent force! And amongst many other fascinating insights, it documents and proves the capacity for women to grow spiritually through their sexual lives and gives some good handy directions on how to use what she calls ‘ the goddess array’ to make the most of our feminine capacity for next-level spiritual sexual experience.

Please read it! Every woman (and man) should… but don’t stop there! The most important thing is your intention to explore your self. And that is a full time job girlfriend!

Here is your homework;

Listen to your own body as your most important teacher, honour your natural impulses, celebrate your sensuality.

And when in doubt, ask your womb for guidance.

This is the way into the feminine mystery that is you, it is the way in, and also the way out.

And…it is fun and its free and it is YOURS!


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