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The marriage between productivity and sensuality …….. 5 tips on how to be effective and feel sexy at the same time.

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014

Upon actually finding myself a busy woman with ever evolving lists of things to do, I have been forced to learn how to make the dance between being and doing, and productivity and sensuality, an art form.

I witness so many women falling into the trap of over doing without mixing this with the succulence of sensuality. I see them suffering the consequences as they deplete their reserves, de prioritize the art of feeling good and give more than they receive.

I do not want to do that….If I have a choice I am not going to sacrifice feeling good in order to be effective and productive and ‘do my thang’ in the world

I do not want to be busy if I cannot feel juicy at the same time.

That is the bottom line for me. I like to feel sexy, nourished, vital and comfortable in my body and for this yummy feeling space within me to be the platform that holds and supports and informs what I do.

And fortunately I do have a choice! We all do!

As I have been building my business I have been conducting an unofficial research project; I have been researching how to bridge pro active doing and succulent being. Oh and what a joy it is proving to be…… hang on for a bit and I will share some of the tricks I use….but first I want to remind you that..

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You are a Sacred Sensual creatrix!

Yes! All women are channels for the expression of beauty and creativity in so many forms. We feel our happiest when we are ‘in our flow’ and vibrantly alive, useful and creative. And this natural urge to channel and create needs to stay at the forefront of what we do, whether we are working in an office or a kitchen, whether we are doing the corporate thing or creating our own sweet little empire.

This is the feminine way….

The feminine way is to forever adapt, find balance and create harmony. It is a way of living what is body centered, of working with our natural flow of energy, of honoring our cycles, of connecting to the earth and keeping our cups FULL. This way we can express ourselves and share our gifts and do our thang in whatever way we feel called to, without getting depleted or tired, grumpy and resentful(or at least only sometimes……

To do what we do in a feminine way is the only way to be a super effective woman without getting burnt out.

Therefore the marriage between productivity and sensuality is a necessity because it keeps us in relationship to our bodies desires and needs. It is a way to constantly come back to the deliciousness of our sensual selves. It allows us to be a channel for vital energy rather than pushing our limits and depleting out energy in the process..

The entry point

One of the many things that I love about Taoist wisdom is its emphasis on flow, ‘the tao’ is the natural flow of the universe. And in a womans body, if she is receptive to it and cultivating the conditions for it, then this is quite a physical experience. Sensuality is an entry point to feeling and cultivating this flow. I find that if I break up my ‘work/doing’ time with the following exercises that connect me to sensual expereincing, then I access my flow, become a channel for infinite creativity, and do what I do with joy.

1. Juicy dance breaks.

If you have a task at hand, particularly if it technical/ kind of boring or mentally draininig…then the juicy dance break is your fast track BACK to your juicy self. Make sure that you always have some music on hand that drives you into a state of ecstatic wildness, I recommend strong bass lines…. pick whatever absorbs, excites you and gets your hips moving. Crank up the volume and BUMP and GRIND for your life. It may only take 2 minutes but you will find that your blood begins to pump and your breath deepens and you remember why you are alive and living in a womens body and that you have it in you to dive back into your work with a refreshed attitude. The pro-active crew of Live Tantra (an up and coming amazing on line tantric forum) illustrated beautifully how effective this tool can be when utilised collectively to break up business meetings with style.

2. The Breast massage quickie.

You can do this yourself or get someone else to do it for you…however and wherever you do it, a few minutes of shaking up stagnation around the breasts ( shaking them with your hands) and spiraling the energy ( circling your hands around your breasts) is good for your health, and your soul. It gets the blood and life force flowing, which brings energy and clarity. Breasts love attention so do yourself a favor and scatter breast massage intervals throughout your day.

3.shaking and sighing.

There is nothing like a good sigh to get your back into your body and into a state of ease. I observe animals doing this all the time and sighing has become one of my favorite pastimes-ahhhhhhhh! (there goes one now…). Another quick and effective way to discharge blocked energy is to SHAKE it out! This works best when you do it outside so you can take in fresh air to replenish you, but really you can shake anywhere, I have been known to shake in toilet cubicles in airports for instance. The combination of shaking and sighing is a winner. Try it whenever you get stuck in your head.

4. Yoni power!

Your yoni is your vulva, and it has power, the more you strengthen and activate your pelvic floor muscles with awareness and respect the more you will get to experience what ‘Yoni power’ is. When you are sitting at a desk or sweeping the floor or whatever it is you are doing, you can squeeze. Yep you can give short little pulses or long gentle squeezes of your yoni and energy will awaken naturally. Sexual energy is creative; it can be used to activate anything that you do.

Take advantage!

It seems to me that women are at an exciting time in history. We have the opportunity to be both sexy and offer our gifts to the world in so many ways. Sexiness is a state of being, it is about celebrating our goddess givien right to exist as a sensual creatrix. I hope that you utilize these tools and/ or create your own glorious fast tracks back to feeling great in your body and and the awareness that you are an inspired vessel for creation-whatever you may feel inspired to create….

I would love to hear how these may have worked for you or your own tips- please comment and share!


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