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The Love Ball – 2 min practice to merge your sexual energy with your heart

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016

The Love Ball-A simple yummy practice to align your sexual energy with you heart

Fulfilling sexuality is usually a result of every part of us being truly present for the experience. 

I don't know about you but when i was younger( pre my personal sexual awakening revolution) when i had sex my mind was mostly somewhere else, my heart was confused and my yoni was too contracted to really enjoy the experience .

Thanks to my tantric journey of awakening to self love with Taoist sexuality,  i have become more present in my body and at home in my sexuality.

Now when i make love my heart and yoni and third eye are all alive and aware and playing a part...And it is a million times better!

Taoist sexuality shows us that it is possible to utilise the potency of our sexual energy to MANIFEST beautiful things and CONNECT  to our inner source of power.

As a Sensual Empowerment Coach i am here to support men and women on their journey towards greater fulfilment and wholeness in their intimate relating with themselves and others so...

I am happy to offer you THE LOVE BALL to play with!

  • The Love ball is a simple practice which allows you to merge the energy in your sex with that of your heart.
  • It is a great beginners practice to help you to connect to the energy in your body and practice consciously working with this energy for greater pleasure and intimacy.

Please share with any sister( or brother!) you feel could benefit from this practice!​

Enjoy !!

If you have any questions go on and




This is the service I provide because I am super aware of how much we need space holders to help us birth our graceful movements to 'the next level'

(also I am kind of addicted to witnessing women embracing their power..)

It sends a thrill all the way through me to midwife women into their potential in a way that is honoring to their deepest needs.

I know how to feel into what may be blocking you, and help you to move through that, so contact me if you are interested in a coaching program or one off session.

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