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The Golden Egg – Self Love Practice

Posted by on Aug 16, 2016

The Golden Egg-Self Love Practice

Feeling the need for some LOVE?

Its so easy to think that we need to get the LOVE, TOUCH and AFFIRMATION we crave from OUTSIDE of ourselves.

And forget that we can GIVE IT TO OURSELVES.

This is where SELF LOVE practices come in- and can make all the difference...

Why are Self Love Practices so important?

  • They can transform our feeling of wanting/ needing / yearning to feelings of contentment and fulfilment.
  • They help us to  access the nourishment that comes from WITHIN.
  • They help us to learn to RECEIVE love/ touch/ affirmation from others.
  • They transform our energetic frequency so that we FEEL THE LOVE rather than seek it.

The Golden Egg is a simple self love practice that you can do at any time. it works very nicely at the end of a yoga/ chi gung/ meditation practice.

Please share with any sister you feel could benefit from this practice!​

Enjoy sisters !!

If you have any questions go on and




This is the service I provide because I am super aware of how much we need space holders to help us birth our graceful movements to 'the next level'

(also I am kind of addicted to witnessing women embracing their power..)

It sends a thrill all the way through me to midwife women into their potential in a way that is honoring to their deepest needs.

I know how to feel into what may be blocking you, and help you to move through that, so contact me if you are interested in a coaching program or one off session.

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