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The Awakened Woman- Feminine Sexuality 1 day workshop-4 March-Melbourne-2017

Posted by on Feb 11, 2017

Your sexuality is an integral part of your wellbeing. Imagine you can use your sexual experience to heal your body and fuel your life.

Most women have only been given like 5% of the story , we are going to give you a window into the rest in this empowering 1 day workshop with Sonja Shradha Devi and Rebecca Andrews,

Disover your potential to feel & recieve pleasure, comfort and ease in your female body. the capabilities of a woman’s body in relationship to the orgasmic experience and how to use that as an agent for healing, vitality and transformation.

This will be a day of re-education, re-calibration and exploration.
There will be A Ha! , O.M.G , squeal giggle & tender moments as we take you on a journey into the magical realm of Feminine Sexuality.

We will share time tested Taoist and Tantric practices for sexual vitality and fundamental yet cutting edge info which will rock your world, blow your mind and take your sexual experience to the next level.

Shradha will take us on a journey of healing and transformation, aimed at releasing negative sexual conditioning and awakening a fresh connection with our vital creative sexual expression. This will have an emphasis on merging our sexuality with our spirituality and promoting next level feminine well being.

Rebecca will host the afternoon , which will be more cerebral and we will take a fresh look at the anatomy of the female body, including the fundamentals of the female pleasure anatomy. We will also look at how that relates to blood supply, neural innervation’s, hormonal cascades. We will take this info and explore how that connects to meridians and how that can be applied in practice.

We will take a fresh look at the architecture and integrity of the pelvic floor , why Kegels are ridiculous and offer more appropriate ways to understand and build awareness of the pelvic floor’s Yin /Yang function. .

We understand that each Womans pyscho-emotional- sexual inhabitation and relationship to their body is unique. Made up of a complex interplay of herstory, experience, biology, self expression and cultural influences.

We will collectively hold space for each other to reflect and explore.
The emphasis at all times is on feelings of deep safety and playful , heart centred enquiry.

Do you or have you experienced:

-Low Libido
-Birth Trauma
-Blocks to intimacy
-Difficulty relaxing
-The full gamete of Womens Health issues
-How to be in modern urban world and not push all the time
-Difficulty experiencing orgasm


Or perhaps you just want to:

-Understand classical approaches from the Wisdom traditions of Tao & Tantra to make your sexual experience sacred and healing.
-Expand your orgasmic potential
-Learn tools to energise and also calm your body
-Get to know your birthright as a Woman.
-Have tools to intergrate into your Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation that nourish and include your sexual and reproductive bodies.

If any of the above is you. Come. We’d love to have you.

Sparked your curiosity? I hope so.

You dont want to miss this!

WHERE: It will be at One Heart Yoga at the Abbotsford Convent- Melbourne- Australia

WHEN: Saturday the 4th March 10:30am-4:30pm. 

COST: $180

So, if this is your cup of tea. Then BOOK NOW now, places are limited to 20 and we can only keep a place for you once you pay.

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