Wild Sacred Feminine

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The Feminine Archetypes

Feminine Power – The four archetypes of the Wild Sacred Feminine

As I have gone deep on my own exploration of who I am as a woman, I found that there were different flavours of the sacred feminine that revealed themselves to me in the form of four different archetypes of the Wild Sacred Feminine.

These four archetypes are actually portals to feminine power:

Each of these archetypes has helped me to reclaim by birthright as a woman and my purpose is to help you transform your life using this Wild Sacred Feminine wisdom. Each of these archetypes have their own kind of power, medicine and practices and skills that allow us to access and activate our feminine gifts.

The Queen of Nourishment


This is the aspect of women that is brimming with juiciness and deliciousness. Hers is the medicine of a life, of beauty, care and nurture. She inspires us to embrace nourishment in ways that are simple and joyful and easy to incorporate in our daily lives. Modern women are in great need of this yummy medicine, she is what allows us to thrive rather than survive.


Midwife of Transformation

midwife of transformation

Midwives must have strength, knowledge, presence, and most of all, compassion for others and for ourselves. As midwives of our own transformation we learn the energetic skills to hold ourselves and clear ourselves of the habitual patterning’s that no longer serve us. By invoking this energy within us we become strong and open enough to ride the waves of life we quite literally birth ourselves into ever greater versions of ourselves.



The Divine Warrioress


She is juicy and heart centred and she kicks arse, she give us the oomph we need to step up and speak our truth and live in our power. She gives us the clarity we need to move through stale patterns that suck our life force. This archetype offer the energetic power bases and the physical practices that activate our energy and open us to our authentic confident expression.


The Sacred Lover


She is the beauty of our sensual vitality, she is our ‘Sacred Succulence’ our vibrant sensual expression and our intimate relationship with life through the medium of our bodies.

When we activate her shakti within us then we begin to live and breathe our juiciness. Life becomes a sensual celebration, she takes us beyond technique and into the sacred dance of giving and receiving, of living deeply and loving fully.