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How the programs work

If you are interested in working with me you are entitled to one free 20 minute initial interview to see how you feel about signing up for the program, it is imperative that you trust my ability to hold and guide your process. This is your chance to check me out and for us both to decide if we feel a YES about working together.

During this time we can also discuss your needs and circumstances and decide which program would best serve your personal situation.

If you decide that you would like  to make this commitment to YOU and your nourishment, empowerment and transformation. …

Then we find a regular time slot for our skype sessions over the coming weeks/months. I will send you a schedule of options for you to choose from subject to my availability.

Contact me now!

Launch pad consultation :

This is our first session in which together we establish – what it is you really need, what you wish to let go of and what actions you need to take. All sessions are intuitively guided, I usually take you into a meditation during this time so that you can feel deeply into what is really going on for you and gain clarity about your deepest needs and intentions.

This is generally a very potent session, and it will get you excited about the support you have called in, the changes you are going to make and the path of nourishment that you are committing to.

Warning: (Once you have taken the leap and committed yourself to your growth, magical shifts usually begin to happen….)

After the consultation I will send you personalized dietary and lifestyle suggestions for you to work with until the next session, I aim to give advice that is simple enough for you to implement in your daily routine yet will address the main issues that you are working with and create profound change.

Then depending on which program you have selected we will have a 60-minute check-in session either every week or every 2 weeks.

This is your time for deep support, and I will do my best to give that to you.. This is your time to be heard and to explore what is going on for you and receive guidance.

It is my job to keep you on track, provide the skills that will facilitate your growth, to hold you accountable and cheer you on as you fly.

After each session you will receive an updated guidance plan that will address where you are at and what you are working with now.

You will be deeply supported to find your own truth and you will be given the life skills to assist your transformation.

At the end of your program I guarantee you will notice beautiful and profound changes.

At this point you have the option to sign up for more one-on-one support or fly off on your merry way with all that you need to keep on flourishing in your own time in your own way.

I only take on a limited amount of clients because it is my priority to give my absolute best to each woman that I work with.

Please contact me directly to find out about availability and to sign up for your free initial session.

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 I am here to hold you as you transform… I will be your mentor, consultant, coach, teacher, guide and friend who supports you in integrating your growth and is there for you, believing in you – every step of the way.