Wild Sacred Feminine

Sacred Womens Practices 4 Healing & Empowerment


 Have you been feeling the need for support to move through issues around sexuality, intimacy , confidence and body shame?

The Wild Sacred Feminine 'Tantric Empowerment' Coaching programs offer you the skills and support you need to EMBODY your full potential and LIVE in your POWER

Ellen-Artist- Australia-Previous Client

In 7 weeks my life looks nothing like it did-you hoped me to move through a rally hard time with curiosity and grace and hoped me to fee so safe through huge changes. The future now looks golden and it fits me already, I just have to walk there, one step at a time, Thank you!

I am Shradha,I will be your guide, mentor, healer, priestess and friend and provide a deeply loving and potent container for you to explore yourself and transform into a more embodied, integrated and TRUE version of yourself.


Kate O'Brian speaks about her transformational experience of working with Sonja Shradha Devi

What you can expect to receive…..

  • The undivided loving attention of someone who can expertly guide you to explore, heal and transform whatever prevents you from living in your truth, power and beauty.
  • Personalized mentoring and support to address your individual circumstances and needs.
  • Personalized lifestyle advice that includes a wide range of Yogic and Tantric techniques, Meditations and Energy enhancing practices that empower, nourish and enliven.
  • Valuable insights into your core body issues and which life behaviours are draining your energy – as well as what you can do about it.

Sessions are by skype (available to you wherever you are around the world).

You receive a 60 minute one on one session per week/fortnight (depending on the program that you choose) with Shradha.

Each week after your call you will receive a personalized action-able plan with meditations, life practices and exercises to support your unique and changing needs, so that you can stay on track between calls and integrate the insights and shifts accessed during the call.

You have the option of E-mail contact between sessions, if you need it, for extra support.

These programs are for you if…..

  • You need help addressing unhealthy and unhelpful patterns and habits;
  • You want to move past your fears and body image issues so that you can confidently shine your light;
  • You want to embrace your sensual feminine being and nurture your sexual vitality;
  • You are ready and willing to up level your life so that it is more fulfilling/nourishing/rich/deep/wild/meaning-full and sacred.

Please note: When you make a commitment to yourself this is incredibly potent. If you are ready to prioritise your happiness and health, then these programs could provide the deep and lasting change you have been waiting for, these words are from a previous client.

If you have a voice inside of you whispering to you asking you to be all that you can be, be brave, be gentle, be courageous, juicy and true then Shradha can help you to bring your voice into the light.


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Please select the best program for you:

Fire Coaching Program

This is a 7 week program, perfect for you if you have an issue that you really want to work through NOW.


Earth Coaching Program

This program allows you to stretch pout your sessions over a 3 month period, perfect for busy people!