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5 empowered actions to rock you out of the depths of disempowerment

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013

5 empowered actions to rock you out of the depths of disempowerment

I began 2013 feeling incredibly disempowered. I had just emerged from a stint in the jungles of Hawaii having finally realized my dream to visit that magical island, despite feeling ultra full of aloha, I found myself hitting the ground with an almighty thud. I was back in my home country, without a home, without an income and without the empowered sense that I was ‘doing my thing’. In retrospect I see that this time was a gift. I was living in my van in the rainforest of Australia and when my van died (after swallowing a large sum of my savings) and I could no longer drive my van to the rainforest, it really felt like I really had hit rock bottom. After wallowing in a feeling of desperate hopelessness for a short(ish) period of time I began to understand that the universe was sending me a message… In no uncertain terms it was saying- Get it together girl!!!!!!! So I am going to share with you how I did just that. Saying thank you for the shit… I began living in my broken down van next to my beloved 72 year old Argentinean yogi friends caravan in Byron Bay. Around this time a huge windstorm came and ripped our site apart. I looked around at the destruction of both my inner self worth and the outer reality of my living situation and I thought. Ok….time to get an action plan… And the first step was to say thank you. Yes, going back to my homeland has always been challenging for me. I had always met these challenges with resistance. So I took action by changing my attitude. I changed the program and said thank you. I remember looking out to the ocean and reflecting with newfound clarity and acceptance that I was meeting different parts of myself, difficult parts, that I was not shown in other places. I took the time to deeply honor this opportunity to meet these parts of myself.  I said a deep gracious thank you for this lesson in disempowerment, and in the process of honoring this, I chose to wrap up this chapter and choose a new story. A story in which my empowered self played a starring role! Empowered action-Recognize the gifts in your challenging circumstances, make peace with it and make the choice to ‘step up’. What is really important...

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